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Any comments on wearing the Aneros during sex with wife?
  • My wife is getting one for my birthday next week. We have a wonderful sex life, I enjoy her using a strapon on me, but hope to enhance it as well as provide some medical benefits to my prostrate.

    However, I'm a little unclear if it's only to be used during masturbation or would there be any benefit wearing it while having sex?

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,410

    You are in for a definite treat! Here's the official company spiel - - you may also want to read the Sticky : "a wife's perspective" -
  • You are in for a real treat. We use one alot during sex. It enhances all aspects of intercourse and when you orgasm your anus will contract and move the aneros against your prostate enhancing the sensations of orgasm and ejaculation.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,302
    hotscot said:

    My wife is getting one for my birthday next week. We have a wonderful sex life, I enjoy her using a strapon on me, but hope to enhance it as well as provide some medical benefits to my prostrate.

    hey, if it wouldn't be too intrusive, why don't you tell us a little more about the strap on. i have a feeling a lot of guys on the forum wish they had that happening. also, have you and your wife tried the feeldoe?

  • I use the (3) models of the aneros exclusively for heterosex with wife. Nearly always use it. Prefer to be in missionary position for most positive action of the tool.

    We did cut the handle off the Maximus and Helix. This makes it easier to lay on my back with her on top.

    Wife likes me to use it because it keeps me harder, bigger and for a longer period of time.

    During her periods, I get regular hand-job "massages", as well; always using a Maximus or Helix.
  • Thanks for the input guys. It's very useful and I ppreciate it.

    Not that it's important but I'm a very masculine Scottish guy, living in California with a cute wonderful, educated wife. I'm also very comfortable with my own sexual image. However over the past years I began exploring the feminine side that all guys have whether they admit it or not.

    To this end my wife and I often role play and I play the part of her lesbian lover. I dress up in sexy lingerie, we watch lesbian porn, and she takes me from behind with a strapon. Keep in mind that I couldn't pass for a woman by any means. In fact I look pretty ridiculous in suspenders, panties and camisole. But with the light low, candles burning, and the feel of lace and satin against our skins the sexual tension is incredible.
    And after kissing and carressing, when my wife guides me on to all fours, and I feel the prodding at my ass, as a I lower my head and shove my ass up to her strap on and feel it enter. As she reaches round to caress my penis...the sensations are absolutely incredible, allied with the feminine and submissive feelings of liberation. Not that I mean to say it's some "heavy" experience, more rather that it's playful and fun and very sexy.

    There are many, (probably not on this forum), on reading this who would claim that one must have gay tendencies or that I want to be a woman. However the more enlightened amonst you will understand that is nonsense. For us it's simply liberating and adds completely new dimension to lovemaking between us, as man and woman, that more insecure people wouldn't countenance.

    Again, not that it's anyones business, but I do not fancy men in the slightest. I tried to as an intellectual exercise but nope, no attraction. I love and respect women immensely. I myself have have no wish to be a woman. (Except for my wife:)

    But I can certainly say that I have one of the most understanding and complicit of wives in this area and it keeps our sex life incredible. I would recommend such exploration to any loving partners.

    In conclusion, last night she mentioned to me that generally women want monogamy and men want variety. I told her that's what we give each other, and it certainly puts a hold on any straying tendencies I may have. On one last note, we talk about everything and anything and are quite honest with each other no matter the topic. And to this woman, I love being married.

    (And to an earlier question, yes, we're considering a Feeldoe as well.)

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,302

    let us know how the feeldoe goes.

    also, i think we'll all definitely want to hear about how your receptive sex changes after you are "rewired" by the aneros (be patient it might take a while). it is quite likely you'll be coming like a woman. (you'll need to ask your wife to leave your penis unstimulated)

  • Now that is intriguing. But yes from reading the posts I see what you mean. Having an orgasm without necessarily ejaculating. Wow, that opens the door to so many playful fantasies.
    Thank You
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    I wonder if it's the same sort of feeling I get from ejaculating? It's a sort of camaraderie, particularly because I want to roll over and go to sleep afterwards. :lol: It was hard to cross the mental barrier to letting go the first time.