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  • Max December 2007
DVD and p-tab info...
  • Hey there, Callyfornia here...
    I've had the Progasm for a little while now, only used it a couple times...feels great
    but nothing more than than (yet).
    The Forum has answered lots of my questions already...lots of good advice here!

    Right now I'm curious.
    The directions for use seem quite easy but...
    Is there anything in the DVD that would be of help? Has anyone viewd it?
    Is it erotic or simply informative? How long is it? (this info isn't available on the website)

    Right now, the only option to get it is through the combo pack with either the MGX or Helix.
    Well...........I'm still working with the Progasm and theres no real need for another. WHY would
    I want another one?
    Its too bad you can't just purchase the DVD at this point if its really that helpful.

    If one 'must' get another toy with the DVD...
    The MGX is suggested for 'beginners' (well, thats me...)
    The Helix mentions 'greater pivoting'... the Progasm or MGX has less?

    As these products have evolved, I assume they're all about the same...YES?
    What about the difference in the p-tabs? All of a sudden the Prpgasm seems
    to employ a totally different design...the other models aren't as effective?

    What are the suggestion here please...
    To DVD or not to DVD
    MGX or Helix
    ...thanks folks
  • MaxMax
    Posts: 10

    I have both the Helix & the MGX. Lately I've been using the Helix because of the feelings it's been generating. I had purchased the Helix about a year after I bought the MGX because I didn't feel I was getting the pressure I needed from the MGX. The Helix seems to put more pressure on the prostate which has been nice. Last night I decided to use the MGX since I hadn't used it for a few months. Last nights changing of devices showed me that (for me anyway) the MGX had much more movement than the Helix has had lately and made for some incredible sensations. I'm not sure if my body has changed or what, but the MGX was definitely more active than it used to be and didn't seem put much pressure on the prostate. I may be wrong, but I'm thinking the body changes over time and possible everyday, so for me having both of them around is a nice option. I guess sometimes I need more pressure than other times. I'm no expert (not reaching a super O), but I have been at this for quite awhile and I know that each model gives different sensations. I have cut the handle off of the MGX, but not the Helix (yet).

    Good luck to you.
  • MaxMax
    Posts: 10
    BTW, when I said I cut the handle off of the MGX, it was only the curly side of the handle. The P-tab stays, otherwise there is no way to get it out and you get no pressure on the perinium!! That is very important!! There are several posts on the forum that discuss the modifications.