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prostate question
  • valliantvalliant
    Posts: 120
    I want to ask something else,
    In my earlier topic i had 1 mini O' while asleep that woke me up but all my awake sessions although great i always get to the point i could have dry orgasms but then my stomach ( muscles ) cramps up and kills the feeling i build up.
    Afterwards it's like i had a physical workout,i don't know how you call these muscles in english but they are the muscles when you lay on the ground and you lift your feet a little bit up.
    When i start a session and toutching my nipples i get great feelings but also it's like my prostate or something else is jumping like crazy sometimes,this is not constant but a frequent feeling i have.
    The best way to discribe it is that it feels like there is a very low current of electricity going true you.
    Or am i reading the signs wrong and is it the prostate that cramps up,have any of you had those feelings.
    Even now my stomach feels like if i had been at the jym yesterday.