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Please help. New Here. I have a Cyst/Prostatitis....
  • I was diagnosed back in 2002 with prostatitis and after many years of doctor visits, CIPRO, Uroxatrol and anti-inflammatory pills i am ready to try a different approach since my symptoms are flared up now and really affecting me.

    I am hoping an experienced user will provide me with some info and feedback. I purchased this device back in 2004 and only used it about 10 times, each time with no success of any ejaculation. I followed instructions and tried and tried...i am not sure if i was hitting the prostate or not. I am ready to try again. Is there anything i should look for, feel, notice etc.... of when the device is on the prostate? I have the original and being 6'2" perhaps i should purchase a new model?

    Any info you would share with me i would greatly appreciate it. i am desperate and depressed...
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    Hi McNerdy,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    First, I’m not a doctor, so consider that in any responses you get from me or others on this Forum. It is unfortunate that you feel desperate and depressed; I think that you may wish to consider getting a second medical opinion from a doctor who takes a more holistic approach to his practice.

    Second, you mentioned prior usage of the Aneros “with no success of any ejaculation”. I presume that you were not using your Aneros in conjunction with manual masturbation techniques, but were trying to get a hands-free ejaculation from the Aneros alone. If that is the case, not achieving a hands-free ejaculation is quite common. If on the other hand you were not able to achieve an ejaculation even with hands-on usage, then you may have some more serious conditions regarding your prostate that should be discussed with your doctor.

    Third, if you know that you have a cyst in or on your prostate, I believe you should have a frank and open discussion with your doctor about any prostate massage regime that might involve the Aneros massager. You certainly don’t want to aggravate and worsen any current problems.

    Fourth, if you are currently experiencing pain or other problems associated with your prostate, please make sure you clear massage as a therapy through your doctor.

    Fifth, another massager model might engage your prostate more effectively, but I suspect that your other concerns and issues may be masking your ability to effectively feel the sensations that the gentle action of the Aneros massager provides. My suggestion would be to get your other issues resolved in a healthy manner first, then see about using your current massager for its prostate health maintenance benefits.

    Your health should be your highest priority, the Aneros may or may not be beneficial part of your therapy, talk with your doctor before embarking on Aneros use.