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2nd try - looking for opinions
  • kr61kr61
    Posts: 3
    Hi All,

    I had spent about an hour the first time I tried it (Progasm) and had some sensations.

    This second time I spent the first 15 minutes trying a little too hard and getting a bit frustrated and flushed. I finally got myself to relax a bit, laying on my side with my legs almost straight. I was trying to take it easy and synchronize a little breathing with doing some contractions. I was trying to think about my prostate and the sexual energy in that area and got into kind of a rythym visualizing energy traveling in a circuit throught my perenium, the device, prostate and penis and cycling back as I did a contraction. This resulted in some very nice sensations. When I touched my cock it was completely flacid letting some fluid flow. I touched the head a bit fully expecting the pleasure to rise but it actually waned, so I went back to what was working. I was familiar with the pleasurable sensations I was getting but not with them not being directly related to penile stimulation of some sort. The feelings were kind of centered in the middle of the whole sexual area, hardly in the penis at all. When these sensations started to wane I found myself gyrating a bit and began to massage my testicles moderately and that rythym got me to level I would describe as "half way there" on a buildup to a conventional orgasm scale. It really was an amazing experience as I was able to maintain this for 20 minutes or so and actually started to moan out loud with each contraction. I don't know exactly what the cause was, but I got to the point where I simply felt like I was done. I never had anything like a full blown penile orgasm, but I felt somewhat satiated. And, remarkably to me, without that drained feeling like after having a normal cum. I am interested in the more experienced guys interpretations of what I experienced and any advice on where I might enhance thing from here. I am certainly in the club, just from this experience alone.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    Hi kr61,
    Welcome to the Forum.

    The actions you mentioned about relaxing, breathing and visualization are all elements to the combination of parts needed to unlock the doorway to the Super-O. You have taken the first positive steps on your journey of new sensations. Some men have very limited feelings the first few times they try using their new massager, some have very intense sensations, from your description I think you had a very satisfactory first adventure, but there is much more to experience... As you practice, keep focused on the pleasure sensations you receive and open to their subtlety. You need to understand this is very different from generating a penile centered orgasm and techniques that you use on your penis will not be effective on you prostate. I would advise you to do a lot of reading on the Forum, also remember if your goal is a Super-O, try to refrain from touching your penis as that action will distract you from sensations you need to focus upon.