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help a new guy out
  • OK , I was surfing the net one night when my wife was out of town and I'd had a few beers and was horny,I stumbled across a site that sold these rockets and on a whim I whipped out my card and ordered one , not knowing about dry o's or anything else . When it arrived I used it a couple of times with my wife and it was fun . Later on I decided to use it alone and layed down on the bed and within a couple of minutes was having these orgasms that are similar to regular except they covered a larger part of my abdominum , lasted longer and to my surprise were repetitive ,,,,all with a soft unit,,,,WTF :shock: ,,,, well needless to say I fired up the old computation device and went looking. Thats when I ran across you guys
    I read and read and have not found any one with a similar situation . My question is this ..... I have tried twice to repeat this and both times it comes on quick by just lying still and quiet ,,,,however when it builds now I know its coming I cant help but squeeze my a hole and that kills it ,,,, how can I keep from pinching this cool orgasm off ???????
  • Newbie, one thing you might try is stimulating your nipples. The erotic sensations created by that will help divert your attention to other areas. Another thing I have realized in my experience with "mistress Aneros" is just how "control" oriented we men are. Over time, I have begun to learn how to be more receptive to the sensations engendered. I consider this my "feminine" side, where I am receptive and submissive to the experience rather than being in the driver's seat. That is, a "state of mind" and orientation rather than something you "do".

    Anyway, I wish you luck in your endeavors. You are very fortunate to have had what sounds like a "Super O" (Super Orgasm) with only a couple of sessions. You might check out the Glossary and read up on "milestones", which lays out the different levels you can experience.
  • Thanks for reply,, I dont think I have a problem getting there , it happens within a few minutes , my a hole pulses and here it comes ,, I dont know why it came through the first time ,but the second and third time I would involuntarily squeeze my a hole as it builds and that kills it ,,I have read all the stickys and most pages , I dont do any of the contracting releasing or breathing I have read about on here, I have not read anyone else with this situation,, its hard to orgasm and not squeeze as I do during ejaculation
  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    To be honest, I don't even know if it is possible not to contract when an orgasm is coming. Just like when you ejaculate, you will notice that a lot of muscles tense up. I honestly don't think the contracting is killing the orgasm, but you thinking that it is killing the orgasm does it. However, I could be totally wrong, I don't know. What usually works for me when an orgasm is coming is I half-contracting my muscles to draw the Aneros in about halfway and try to hold it in place as best as I can, you might give this a try instead of fighting against what your body is trying to do. Hope things work out, good luck!
  • OK, thanks , maybe I will just wait a couple weeks and give it another shot , either way the 1st experience was worth the bucks compared to what I waste on other stuff :D