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Do You Anerosize?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    I have noticed over the many months of using my delightful little Aneros massagers that I don’t masturbate as much any more as I used to. The activity of an Aneros session just does not fit well with the dictionary definition of masturbation – “to manipulate one’s own genitals or the genitals of another for sexual gratification.” The dictionary defines genitals as “the reproductive organs, esp. the external sex organs.” Since I am no longer manipulating my penis as I use my anal muscles to gently massage my prostate to generate pleasurable feelings and no longer experience the sexual release/satisfaction that accompanies ejaculation, I think we need a new term for this form of self pleasuring. Therefore, I am proposing that Darwin consider adding the following terms to his very good GLOSSARY Sticky :

    anerosism : The study, practice and development of techniques and knowledge for the hands-free usage of the Aneros prostate massager to generate intense pleasure sensations, especially the Super-O.

    anerosist : A man practicing anerosism.

    aneroholic : A man obsessed with pursuing the Super-O while practicing anerosism.

    anerosession : The period of time a man will spend in solo practice anerosizing.

    anerosise, (anerosising) : The physical act of utilizing the Aneros prostate massager for its primary and secondary design purposes.

    What do you fellow members think?
  • Rumel, you forgot

    "aneromaniac" -- someone who just can't get enough of the Aneros experience.

    "aneronanism" -- using the Aneros for masturbitory rather than for health benefits.

    "aneronaut" -- a person devoted to exploration of the aneros experience (also known as an "asstronaut").

    Come on everyone, add your two cents!

    Thanks for the ideas, Rumel.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    I think “aneroholic” would already include “aneromaniac” as your term would be at the extreme end of the obsessive behavior spectrum, but is nonetheless a perfectly viable term. My intent was to allude to the addictive properties of Aneros use and the subsequent problems that any addiction can lead to, just like alcoholics dealing with their issues.

    I am not to keen on “aneronanism” that seems a little awkward to say. Masturbation can occur with any number of various sexual devices and toys (including the Aneros), but my intent here was to make a distinction about an aspect of Aneros usage being a practice for self pleasuring that is different from masturbation. We self pleasure in numerous ways, scratching an itch, eating sweets, massaging a sore muscle, intellectually challengeing ourselves, are all elements of self pleasuring that are not masturbatory in nature.

    I also am not to keen on “asstronaut” , if you hear the word “asstronaut” it would sound the same as “astronaut” and there would be no way for the listener to determine the distinction based on context. Unlike the words “no” and “know” or “wood” and “would”, you understand which word is meant by the context in which it is used without having to see it written.

    I think “anerosist” encompasses the same meaning as "aeronaut" but I could be comfortable with it as well.

    Thanks for the thoughts.