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Right Type Of Lubricant
  • Hi i just recently bought the aneros helix model and didnt really notice any difference when i used the helix compared to the mgx. I think this may have been partly due to the fact that i was using the
    wrong type of lubricant, i was using KY jelly and ansell lifestyles silky smooth lubricant which i think
    both dry out to quickly from what i can guess. Then today i went into a club x store and was looking
    around at various places like pharmacies thinking what lubricant should i use so i told the guy in the club x store that i had an aneros prostate massager and he bought out three brands of wet stuff personal lubricant and some swiss navy silicone lubricant. So i tried some of that on my fingers and its was really smooth and slippery not thick like the other brands i have been using and even when he wiped it off my finger with a paper towel it was still slippery and smooth so i bought a small 15ml
    bottle of the swiss navy silicone lube to try out. Is the type of lubricant and aneros mobility important to acheiving some sort of sensations results with the aneros? Because with the other lubes i would sometimes not very often be mildly aroused for a period of time during the session, get a little tiny bit of sensations like i am very slowly building towards something and then loose the sensation and then try for an hour or more just continually contracting my anus feeling nothing getting impatient and try to hard to reach orgasmic bliss. :oops: :? :(

    Cheers thecritta :)
  • valliantvalliant
    Posts: 120
    I use maximus lubricant,i recently ordered 10 bottles of 250ml because i have to import it from the UK.I'm very pleased with it,it doesn't dry out very quickly and feels nice.
    It's also waterbased and so it's easy to clean up afterwards.
    Hope this helps.
  • heteshetes
    Posts: 4
    Hi! New to the site and to Aneros, I've already ordered the Helix though! :D

    Looking through the lubricant threads here only makes me more confused with lubricant to use and which one is safest (Benzene free and non-toxic). Does anyone have experience with Pjur Aqua water-based lubricant (which according to the website where I can order it says it's the most recommended)?

  • Ian92Ian92
    Posts: 20
    I'd recommend Maximus lubricant was well, excellent stuff.
  • I also use Maximus. There was a thread awhile back about something called "boy butter" which the users said was very good as well.
  • heteshetes
    Posts: 4
    Thanks for the tips, guys! :D
  • YamaYama
    Posts: 2
    For those of you who use MAXIMUS, do you use it for prelubrication and/or for lubricating the aneros itself ?
    I am a newbie, thanks for your replies.
  • Yama, I use Maximus as well. I've only tried a few brands: KY jelly, astroglide, ID glide (and ID millenium) and now Maximus.

    For me Maximus is pretty much the best way to go. I'm unfortunately sensitive to the "urge to purge" caused by glycerine. Distractingly so, actually. But the silicone I found that, well... it gets everywhere, basically, and I don't feel like it's creating a nice suspended environment of lubrication.

    To answer your question, I pre-lube with the Maximus (about 3-5 mL) and also lube the Aneros up with it. I just try to get a nice coating from head to base. I wish Maximus were a little cheaper but I can't complain about the lube at all. :D
  • YamaYama
    Posts: 2
    Thanks for your quick reply !! So thats great news all I need to buy is Maximus to get a great 2 in 1 lubrication. :D