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First session with Progasm
  • Enthusiastic about my experience with the MGX, I decided to be adventurous & ordered the Progasm. I wanted to see what having something more substantial back there would feel like. It arrived today and, naturally, I had to try it out.

    I was a bit concerned about how much trouble it would be to insert it. So I lubed up well & made sure that the Promax was well lubed before attempting it. Aside from some soreness left over from a previous session, the Promax went in fairly easily and I was off to the races.

    The Promax gave me a good workout. I was surprised to find it was more trouble to keep in than was the MGX, a situation I attribute to the larger base on the Promax as opposed to the MGX. The position that worked best for me was on my back.

    The Promax doesn't move as much as the MGX, which is not surprising given its size. But it doesn't have to move much. It seems to hit the prostate more solidly than the MGX and gives some really good feels both with a delicate clinching of the anus or bearing down fairly hard. I can't say that I reached Super O on this first session, but it definitely was very satisfying and promises more to come.

    So I'd say, at least for large framed men, give this guy a try. Well worth it.