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Should I buy a larger tool.
  • Hey Guys, I need some advice.

    When I ordered my Aneros, I selected the MGX model which seemed to be a good tool to start with. I received it about five days ago and have used it three times with no results whatsoever.

    It fells good going in and coming out but once inserted, it is just there. There is no pressure on my prostate no full feeling of the bowel. There is no sensation whatsoever. It might just as well be in the box.

    Contractions of the sphincter muscles again the abutment feel good but there is no feeling beneath the anus.

    When I ordered, I did not consider that for the last five years I have been involved in gay sex with a good deal of anal play.

    Digital (usually two and sometimes three fingers), some use of toys and annal intercourse have been very common and, need I add, very enjoyable for me.

    I think I may have underrated my capacity and should have purchased the Progasm White or Aneros Maximus.

    At the same time, however, I have only tried it three times and I know that I am impatient.

    What do you guys think? Move up or just keep trying?

    If I move up, what style would your recommend

    Love to hear what you would advise. Would especially like to hear from men who have been involved in gay sex. :?:
  • I'm heterosexual but I'll chime in.

    I'm not sure what advice to give you. I own the Helix and the Progasm and have experienced feelings with both, but it seemed to have more to do with how aroused and relaxed I was.

    My first session was with the Helix and afterward for a week or so I was able to generate very pleasurable sensations without it being inserted just by clenching my muscles. But that has faded and it's only recently that I feel I've made any progress. I bought the Progasm thinking that I needed more pressure/stimulation on my prostate but I find I've been favoring the Helix recently because the Progasm felt like TOO much pressure.

    Since you are more accustomed to anal play it's very possible that a larger model would work better for you, but I don't want to convince you that this is the only option. Like you said, you have only used your Aneros 3 times and purchasing another if all you need is a little more patience would be unnecessarily expensive.

    While you decide whether another purchase is needed, keep using your MGX. Try different positions. Did you masterbate with it inserted? When you orgasmed, could you feel it stroking your prostate? These might be helpful in determining whether you need a bigger one.

    I hope this helps.
  • I followed your advice. Had a very strange but nice response. Maybe an "annal orgasm.

    With no erection and no cum great shaking, plesant spasm located in the lower bowl near the rectum.

    I doubt that I reached the highest posable feeling but it did feel good and different.

    Takes some work but worth the effort. I will keep trying.

    Thank you :lol: