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Condom Method?
  • ffd71ffd71
    Posts: 93
    I was reading the glossary and came across the Condom Method. Any one tried it? What is its purpose? You actually lube the condom and inside the condom where the aneros is?
  • The condom method is when you put a condom over your aneros and use lube both inside and outside the condom. It gives you two things:

    1. Since neither the condom nor the aneros absorb the moisture in the lube, your water based lube can last a LONG time without any deterioration in slipperiness.
    2. You really can't get any more slippery than an aneros floating in lube. It can moves about!

    When I'm using my helix, I may nor not use a condom with it, since it's quite mobile either way. However, when I'm planning for an extended session, I always use it with the condom since the lube lasts much longer (as in, I run out of stamina before the lube runs out of moisture). When using my progasm, I always use a condom. Clean up is a snap to boot!

    I hope I didn't sound like a condom salesman, but I really enjoy an aneros session much more with a condom than without... :p

    Hope that helped..
  • i also have used a condom on all 7 of my sessions in the 5 days i've had my progasm...only i just lube the outside, haven't tried putting any lube on the inside...for me it just seems like a good idea to use one with it...doesn't seem to hamper any movement or sensations as i hit my first super-o on 4th session...mind blowing best sexual experience ever in 47 years of my life...have gotten close a few other times..where its building..your twitching and shaking...then it subsides..guess those are the mini-o's...any way..just the easy clean-up aspect of it is mainly why i use them every session...
  • How do you close the open end of the condom so the lubricant doesn't come out?
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353
    i used the condom method w/ the eupho the other night and for me it was a noticeable improvement.

    you don't need to close off the end. doesn't seem to be a problem.

  • ffd71ffd71
    Posts: 93
    What benefit is the condom method? If you lube up the outside and inside what does that do? If you just lube up the outside, isn't that just as good as lubing up the outside of the aneros? Just trying to figure what benefit it is?
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353
    lubing the outside is for insertion.

    lubing the inside (lots of lube) is so the aneros can slide around relative to the condom, which stays pretty much in one place.

    the result is that the aneros moves easily in your rectum.

  • ffd71ffd71
    Posts: 93
    To all of you who are skeptics,

    I tried this method the other day and MAN WAS IT AWESOME. Orgasms that lasted more than one hour. I lost count on how many I had.

    The only problem I had was the lube pushed out the end of the condom when I inserted it. Any suggestions?
  • valliantvalliant
    Posts: 120
    ffd71 said:

    To all of you who are skeptics,

    I tried this method the other day and MAN WAS IT AWESOME. Orgasms that lasted more than one hour. I lost count on how many I had.

    The only problem I had was the lube pushed out the end of the condom when I inserted it. Any suggestions?

    I have the same problem that lube is pushed out when inserting the aneros inside the condom,how do you guys go around this problem?
  • I tried this method once and tied off the end with a rubber band. It worked to keep the lube in but it was sqeezed during insertion so that a bubble formed between my anus and the rubber band. I'm sure I used too much.

    Someone recommended just filling up the tip of the condom. That probably would not have formed a bubble using a rubber band. The rubber band might not have been needed with only that amount.

    I was curious with the same question. How much is enough to get good movement without sqeezing out the end?


    nothing is better than straight aneros to skin.
  • tnkylntnkyln
    Posts: 22
    I have tried the condom method four times. Firts time I used too much about 10ML and it ended up on my cheeks and towel. I tried to put about 3ML in the tip and 2 more at the anal end but again it mostly ended outside the condom.

    My last time I put 2ML in the tip and the other two in the body area and kinda massaged it around to coat it real well. Again most of it squeezed out upon insertion and within a few minutes after insertion. I have to believe it is because I am so small in the anus, the lube gets squeezed out well before it ever gets seated in my rectum.

    So I guess for me I will go back to the traditional way of inserting lube directly into my rectum. There is seldom any leakage and it is an easy cleanup after my session sitting on the toilet.
  • Any one has a suggestion on how to keep the lube in? Or, is it obvious that there's really no solution but to re-apply lube after a certain period???

  • golmangolman
    Posts: 19
    would please tell us with more details how you handle the condom, how much lube do you put inside the condom and how do you hold it, how much lube did you put in your rectum, and please share with us your technique or position to achieved orgasm than more than one hour, can you tell also which type of lube are you using as well which style of aneros. thx...
  • VinestalVinestal
    Posts: 48
    Tried the condom method today with helix but honestly didnt seem to make a difference.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,832
    My first try was with an SGX on session #3 and I pulled a mini-O right out of the gate -- didn't repeat a mini-O for a couple of months. So, I became a believer.

    It sped up the mod of a progasm since I could make multiple test runs without polishing the tool until after I was happy with the shape. Condom cushions out small filing errors or seams.

    All of my journey, sport and therapy sessions are bare; however, when I go for just relaxed pleasure, I'll dig out a cheap condom. Either textured or one with ridges makes for some good vibes and lovin' sensations. Favorite: -- Helix with "her pleasure" from the Trojan fun pack!!! Bummer: -- Mango flavored :(

    I'm glycerin sensitive and still have over a pint of ID-glide so I use a dab of that inside the condom and inject some shea butter. Makes for a rally "squirmy" effect.

    Tip: it doesn't take much lube inside the condom. Less than 2ml inside for Helix or Maximus is plenty. Slide the tool into the condom then give it a good squeeze to clear out all the air and excess lube -- then insert.