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a crazy breakthrough - building orgasms without the aneros
  • So where to start, I had used the aneros for 4 nights in a row (Tuesday through Friday), and I decided to take a break for a few nights. On sunday evening I noticed a real craving for the aneros. There was no way I was going to use it that night however as I had to get up early.

    I have posted about twitching outside of sessions before. I was getting those twitches, and I was able to successfully build it into orgasms that evening. And, it was much more than I have ever been able to do before. It seemed like I could keep it happening over and over. These orgasms seem very different from the aneros ones or even the normal ones, but they are very real, and that unmistakable bliss all over your body is there.

    Despite not using the aneros that night, I still did not sleep much. I laid in bed at first allowing my hands and feet to twitch and getting O's from it. It got to where it would keep happening over and over, and as I relaxed to TRY to go to sleep, I would start getting it again. And as cool as it was, After a while I kind of wanted it to stop so I could get some sleep -- but it didn't. Finally after several hours I made it to sleep, and I seem to recall this dream where I felt that same bliss, although it wasn't a sexual dream at all. But, I think I was orgasming in my dreams even.

    I had only slept like 5 hours, but I still seemed refreshed enough to do what I had to do that morning. Someone once posted something about sexual energy as a caffeine substitute, and it is amazing that sometimes it works this way with me. I can go on little sleep after having many O's and still feel refreshed. I was still getting those orgasms throughout the day, and it's kind of annoying in inconvenient places. I felt like the guy in a thread I read here once which was named something like "how do I turn it off". I was having many O's and didn't really want it then. Finally that afternoon I got home and sat in my chair and let it happen. It was unbelievable. I think I had my best twitching O ever right there, my right eye started watering, and that has only ever happened in the most intense aneros sessions.

    When and where these twitches happen aren't exactly under my direct control. But I have learned to allow them to happen, and I seem to be able to somewhat direct them to happen in certain places. I have no control over the precise moment it happens, and it kind of comes as a surprise. The bliss follows it immediately, sometimes it's a really mild bliss, but if I let the twitches keep happening and keep relaxing, it sometimes builds into a greater and greater orgasm. It's like, it does start as a microgasm, but builds it into a full orgasm.

    I cannot believe I am the only one to have this happen. I have read posts from a few people here to say they can build an orgasm anywhere in their body, but they don't mention twitches as being the cause. I did a bit of googling, and I found this one page that seems to mention it.
    Under the heading microgasms, here's a quote from the bottom:

    Beverly Whipple and Gina Ogden did a study on “thinking off” in their laboratory--to see if women could have orgasms without genital stimulation. They found that it did occur. They also found that “…there was our own laboratory evidence that some women achieved what they claimed were satisfying orgasms without the characteristic contractions of the orgasmic platform.” (5) It is possible to simply lay down, do nothing but focus on erotic feelings in the body and begin to twitch and shake, with “kriyas” (a yogic term), and go into orgasmic ecstasy. I have known a number of people who can do this. These kinds of orgasms can easily be taught. I have taught many women how to have them in various workshops. They reside just below our surface. All we need to do is let them bubble up.

    I also find it interesting that heroin addicts go into twitching and shaking convulsions when they have a craving. There is some part of the brain that produces orgasm endorphins from involuntary movements, and I think I've tapped into this. The twitches themselves are sometimes very very subtle, I have to focus on them to magnify them. It actually feels a lot like the orgasmic pulses of movement you get during any orgasm. The real feeling of bliss happens immediately after a twitch.

    I think I have stumbled onto something big here.

  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    I don't twitch, but I experience what you describe--at least with vaginal orgasms. I've got more of a handle on it now after having been this way for some years.
  • Interesting zane, It may not be twitching, but do you have any sort of involuntary movements at all preceding it? Or do you just feel the bliss without any movements? Do you have to concentrate on anything to get the orgasm feeling? I'm sorry if these questions are too personal, but I really want to know if others are doing what I am doing. The lack of other replies in this thread hints to me that this ability is rare.

    Oh and btw, I have still been taking lots of fish oil and dark chocolate. I don't know if this has helped lead me to this, but I don't plan on stopping. I got a great report from the doctor just the other day -- my cholesterol and triglyceride levels are excellent. This is what I was taking fish oil for. Back in July my cholesterol/triglyceride levels were dangerously bad so he prescribed it. The fish oil seemed to work a miracle in this regard, and this was excellent news to me. It is merely a coincidence that I started using the aneros at the same time I started the high dose fish oil.
  • i have also been having my most successful sessions without the aneros (anerosless). i feel like after a few months of having the aneros i'm finally understanding it all and making tons of progress.

    one of the most interesting things is the emotional side. you speak of "bliss". i haven't had any mini-o's yet, but i do get really intense emotional waves (and p-waves, but they are different than the emotional waves). it nearly brings me to tears, though it's not extreme joy or extreme sadness, more like a release of all my emotions at the same time. is this what you mean by "bliss"? it's a great feeling, but it's not an atypically "blissful" feeling. does anyone else feel this? it has overtaken me on the bus in public and when i'm trying to sleep as well. does it get more controllable?

    it feels kind of therapeutic. this whole process is more involving than i thought it would be when i bought the helix in august wanting a quick thrill...
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    Does the bliss feel like an actual physical release in the center of your chest? Just curious

    I can trigger a vaginal orgasm deliberately through a few seconds of flexing my PC muscles. I have to be in a relaxed, erotic mood for this to happen. However, I am almost always in a relaxed, erotic mood.

    These can be triggered involuntarily by sexual stimulus, particularly surprising sexual stimulus. It seems to somehow be connected up to laughing--a man who can make me laugh can often make me have an orgasm. It's hard to explain.
  • zane, I actually hadn't put it together -- these feelings are still new to me. But since you asked, definitely yes, it does seem to be centered right in my chest. I can't tell if it's centered there at first, but it's really noticeable that it's centered there when it's more intense. A couple of times during some more intense ones, I became aware of an involuntary rocking like motion in my pc muscle and this didn't seem entirely related to the twitches.

    Come to think of it, Aneros Prostate orgasms seem to start in my head and come rolling down my neck and it's like they wash all over my body. Normal traditional penile orgasms are just centered right in the groin area, and sometimes when these are intense and I haven't had an orgasm in a while, I do feel a release that seems centered in my head.

    The bliss itself (from letting the twitches occur) is really mild at first, but it feels like the bliss of orgasm. I actually think I understand what you mean when you say it's connected to laughter or excitement. If I do manage to keep getting the twitches and get it really intense, it is unmistakably an orgasm. It's just that it's really weak at first. I've said this before, but it's like I get it immediately following a twitch. The twitch itself feels like a surprising sexual stimulus -- so maybe there's something similar going on here.