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*Modifications - Tail Removal
  • View Poll Results: Have you been happy with your tail modification/removal? Voters: 588

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    Yes...never looked back 38 6.46%

    Yes...wished I hadn't done it (maybe rebought it) 1 0.17%

    No...Afraid to do it 12 2.04%

    No...I like it the stock way 12 2.04%

  • I have a Helix and was thinking about removing the tail. I'm not sure if it limits the movement or not for me, but it seems like it might, and it seems like it isn't really necessary anyway. Many people have said that they did the mod and liked it.

    I only have the one model and don't really want to "ruin" it, but I'm very tempted to lop off the tail.

    Opinions out there and experiences?
  • I haven't regretted cutting the tail off. I haven't noticed any greater mobility, but it does allow me to use it sitting down.
  • ianc21ianc21
    Posts: 5
    I removed the tail from my helix after a few months use - while I have not achieved a super-O yet (2nd anniversary soon), I did have some good sessions early on - unfortunately I don't seem to get same response since the modification - I have bought 3 other models and get more from each of these in their unaltered form than I do with my helix - I think without the tail, the angle of attack or depth of stroke may be altered such that prostate is not being massaged as before, at least for me - also tail acts like a spring and assists in outward movement of the aneros - I am considering buying another helix to see if its me or modification that has made helix less effective
  • I modified my MGX and while I am more or less still happy with it, I find that the P-tab does not stay centered as before. I recently got my Helix in the mail, and I will not be altering it or my Eupho.
  • rickgrickg
    Posts: 94
    I am debating about modifications. I got the bullet vibrator attachment that has to fit into the handle. However, I would like to cut the tail off so I may be able to leave it in my anus and walk around and sit in a chair without it poking me.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    I answered "YES, never looked back;" but, this applies to a limited use of the SGX.

    Tails had never bothered me as most stay nestled between my glutes and seldom protrude.

    Exception was when wearing a sport brief while packing an SGX during TaiChi drill. A jock snags the p-tab on most moves. The sport brief rubs the tail, particularly on transitions in and out of Horse or Yoga-chair.

    Snipped the tail right at the stem and sanded/polished till there was nothing left. Definite improvement if one is going to pack a tool when wearing skivs.