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can someone explain what a p-wave feels like? also....
  • Greetings

    I've been using the MGX for a few months and I recently bought the Helix. I haven't experienced any prostate orgasms as yet.

    I can get a very nice 'stinging' feeling in my prostate which feels very concentrated. This stinging sensation will come and go every few seconds as the aneros is contracted in and out.

    My question is: does this sound like a p-wave? I have read many references to the p-wave in this forum but I haven't come across a good definition. Please could someone elaborate?

    As an add on question, can someone also explain what an 'involunatry contraction' is? If I hold a contraction long enough my anus starts to quiver, or vibrate. The sensation is ok but I don't think i will ever get anywhere with that. On the other hand, during a session I will sometimes experience a sudden body movement that draws the aneros in, which feels similar to when you're cold and you feel a 'shock' through your body. These last a split second but feel great! Is this an involunatry contraction? if so, how can you cause more of them? They seem to happen when I'm more relaxed after I've let go of a contraction.

  • An involuntary contraction is any movement you get that you did not voluntarily cause. Some of them you get during arousal and feel no pleasure from, but there is one kind that you get during orgasm, and for me, this is usually the absolute height of a session.

    I want to suggest something, only you can be the judge of this, but I think you may already having orgasms - if you're getting the sudden movements followed by a split second "shock" that feels great, that sounds like an orgasm to me. These movements are what I describe as a "sneeze" like contraction. If you decide that it is, then don't think it's over yet, I have had sessions where those movements happen over and over taking that really great feeling to an extreme level. It really is out of this world. I understand you wanting to get more of them, and that is really what everyone here wants. All I can suggest is to keep practicing. You may someday even be able to consciously let them happen in other parts of your body without the aneros inserted at all.

    The "stinging" feeling for me has been the best indicator that the p-tab is on the correct position and that I will be able to reach orgasm. This may sound weird, but it seems as if sometimes the aneros "irritates" me into orgasm and that feeling is the irritation that leads to it. I really do look for this feeling in my sessions because, even though it isn't pleasurable in itself (to the contrary, it almost hurts) I know that it will lead to an orgasm.

    Regarding pleasure waves, I suggest to check the glossary thread for the definition of them. I personally have felt so many various types of feelings that seem to somewhat fit that definition that I don't know what to make of it. So, I don't like to use that term myself. I could swear if we had a word for each type of pleasurable internal feeling, we'd need a large dictionary. Unfortunately, there's no accurate way of communicating these sensations because the feelings are internal making you the only observer.

  • marmotmarmot
    Posts: 80
    While we're on the subject of "feelings", I have a feeling that I'm not sure what to call. Most orgasms I have had are preceded by an electrical vibration, tingling, or buzzing. At first it is mild and often in the scrotum or bottom of the perineum. I think it is what is called an "echo" in KSMO. Usually the feeling is there for a few seconds and then disappears. In retrospect I've had it happen most of my life and never thought anything of it. However if I concentrate on it, it may grow, and it may suddenly become very intense and center about my prostate. Then it is exactly the same sensation as when an ejaculatory orgasm is about to begin. In fact it is often followed by "involuntary" muscle contractions in my perineum that feel just like an ejaculatory orgasm except my penis usually is not erect, and no semen is ejaculated, just the usual clear precum. With KSMO I've discovered that I can "cultivate' this sensation in other areas such as my anus and rectum and sometimes even down my legs and in my feet. The sensation isn't particularly pleasurable except when it explodes in my prostate into an orgasm.

    Is this what the glossary and people are referring to as a "pleasure wave"? If not, then I'd like to suggest "orgasmic aura" as a name for it because of it often being a precursor to an orgasm.

    If it's not a "pleasure wave", I'm also curious to know more about what that feels like.

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi office_boy!

    To me, a P-wave is a pleasurable feeling that washes over me like a wave and it raises and lowers in intensity, like the tide . . . (mine can be in genitals or whole body...)

    An involuntary is a contraction you didn't start and have no control over! (like the contractions your cock has, as it pumps out cum!) mine sometimes include my entire pelvic region, but can be just in the anus, perineum, testicles and prostate, etc. .

    Hope this helps,

    Later, Hlaser99