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body ball + prostate cradle
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    well, the subject line says it all.

    ok, actually it doesn't.

    i was bouncing along on the ball thinking how each down-bounce forced the ball to rise up into my crotch, kind of like a prostate cradle, and.... hey! what would happen if i put the cradle on the ball and bounced on both together?

    it definitely worked.

    but what i liked even better is a rolled up hand towel. i folded in half so it was long and skinny and rolled that up, so it was about the same overall dimensions as the cradle. parked it under me on the ball from p-spot to kundalini spot.

    it was magnificent. bouncing, rotating, leaning and just sitting. the slightest adjustments of position sent waves through my prostate and kundalini spot. to me, this was what the prostate cradle should be like. it was remarkable how good that towel felt when it pressed into my perineum.

    (the hand towel i used was thin, like the kind you get in a hotel. a thick washcloth might be an alternative if you don't have one.)