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Finally, hit the big one.
  • Ok, so this time i really prepped real well.

    I took two dumps, once an hour before, and the second just 10 minutes before, no cleaning internally.

    I have two aneros', the mgx and helix.

    I made my own "moaning mixtape" of just women moaning to use as an aide.

    So i start with the MGX fully lubed with KY, and go thru the regular breathing exercises. Finally i switch up to the helix.

    Now the thing that really got me over the top was fetal position with penis BETWEEN my legs. When you use the aneros, any type of touch to the penis seems 100x magnified. So while in the fetal position with penis between my legs it kept wanting to ejaculate, but nothing came out.

    I was in pure pleasure zone for around 7 minutes, it was too much...

    After that i busted so hard it hit my neck.

    Try the trick it might help.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,321
    excellent! congratulations!

    if i put my penis behind my legs i ejaculate hands-free