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two body balls: the ultimate aneros position
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    i am breaking TWO BODY BALLS into its own thread because i think it is that important.

    i know it might be incompatible with family life or hard to explain to your not-entirely-in-the-loop girlfriend, but, if you can possibly do so, spend the $30 to buy two body balls.

    here is the thread that discusses where to purchase and how to inflate:

    simply put, there is no possibility anybody will ever find an aneros position better than using two body balls.

    why two? take a look at this:

    see the valley between the two body balls? that is where you want to be.

    you can do so in two directions:
    1. parallel: your top half is on one ball and your bottom half is on the other
    2. perpendicular: your left half is on one ball and your right half is on the other

    in both cases, guess where your genitals are? in the valley in between, unmolested! the body balls deliver the long sought full body support without genital stimulation!

    on top of that, i must remind you that the body balls are infinitely conforming, comforting, sensual, resilient and stimulating.

    plus, they roll easily and stop easily so you can make gross or fine adjustments with perfect precision.

    plus they bounce and vibrate with your lust, reflecting it back into your body.

    in sum, body balls want to make you feel good. that is the only explanation.

    and, there is simply no end to the infinite positions you can have on them. and i mean infinite, because for all the varied ways you can grossly position your body on them, there is additional pleasure spectrum in the fine adjustments.

    you can inhabit the valley of the balls:

    • parallel: lying straight on top of it, floating, with your genitals suspended, without touching anything (the long sought after stomach down position with no penis stim)

      parallel: on top of it with your legs straddling and hugging one of the balls, with a whole array of different ways of positioning your balls and perineum against it (might be limited to aneros-less)

      perpendicular: doggy style, with your breasts wedged into the valley. this made me come immediately!

      perpendicular: kneeling upright, humping your thighs into them (again, no genital touching!)

      perpendicular: flopped over them, like being aneros-raped over a log, but, in a GOOD way (genitals touching? nope)

      perpendicular: riding up on them with your back down, and your ass suspended over the valley.

      perpendicular: (hmm. i didn't try sitting on them with ass crack over valley, but i bet it would work great.)


    by the way, the best place for them is on your bed. they roll just right, and stay put just right, and it is easy on your knees, etc. if you are kneeling, it is good to have your feet over the edge, toes pointed down, so your ankles aren't strained.

    30 bucks guys, and a bit of white lying will get you aneros position heaven.

  • Darwin, you never cease to amaze me in finding new ways to enjoy yourself !

    Thanks for sharing all your great ideas. But I think I'll have to forego the balls as they are too big to hide discreetly in my bedside cabinet.

    Whatever you do, don't fall off !

  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    You mentioned in the other thread that it might be a little unstable, I'm wondering if buying the bigger balls would fix this problem, if present.

    I'm debating whether or not to buy a second one, I suppose it is cheap enough that I should. I'll probably order another tomorrow just for the heck of it.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357

    don't forget that plenty of people buy these quite legitimately for exercise. so having them in your living room wouldn't be that unusual. working, watching tv, or otherwise relaxing while sitting on one, as buster mentioned, is great for your core strength.


    i suppose you might be a little more stable on bigger balls but you'd also be higher off the ground. i dunno, i don't think i'd recommend it. really you should stick with whatever size is good for your body, without concern for the stability of the wacky floating on top position.

  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    I have had very good results using two small rubber balls just below the small of my back, and near the top of my buttocks. The balls I used are what you would call playground balls, slightly smaller than a soccer ball, sort of like basketballs made for little kids. Put one on each side of your lower back, and you will enjoy the aneros quite a bit, and not have to worry about the curly handle stiking the floor.