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Making Progress Part 2
  • First of all I would like to thank Buster and Hlaser99 for their advice to not finish a session off manually and just abstain for another day so your body has time to re-wire. I think that really helps

    Anyway, I have had my MGX since last April and read multiple postings (more like over 100). I have tried almost every position/technique but this last weekend I seem to remember someone writing about you have to coax the super O out. I think it may have been B Mayfield. So I tried to do just that. I am the most comfortable in the fetal position. I started by just oh so gently stroked my prostate. I mean really really lightly. It was as though I was teasing the lower portion of my prostate. The motion I used was like a circular, petting or a come hither continuous motion. I didn't clamp and hold. When I contracted it was up and away from my prostate then gently brushed it on the way down then back up and away and back down continuous circular motion. In reality my MGX was probably touching my prostate the whole time but thats what it felt like. It was so light I would only feel the lightest tingle. The whole movement/contration and the contact was so small - about a 1/8th of an inch of an inward contraction. I just tried to tease or coax out some feeling from my prosate. I continued to do this. It felt like the tip of the MGX was touching the bottom part of my prosate when I would brush it downward. The contraction and then the downward release was so small I wouldn't even feel contact from the P-Tab. After a while I felt a numbness start to swell from my prostate outward to the surrounding area. This was most likely blood flowing to the prostate and the surrounding tissue. This continued until my whole anal cavity was numb. It almost felt like it was frozen or swollen but I could still feel the MGX tingle the lower part of my prostate. I then tried to slowly move the circular brushing contact further up my prostate. I would continue this process and at times I felt the tip of the MGX would sort of lurch forward. If that would happen I would back off. As I worked my way up the prostate I would still not feel the P-Tab but the swelling/numbness would grow. Then I felt a pulse in the lower part of my cavity away from my prostate. It would be irregular at first as I continue my teasing but then it seemed to turn into pulsing motion like a heart beat. It gained a life of its own. It felt so wonderful. A constant beating/pulsing motion. It was the P-Tab at work and the loop was in motion. Unfortunately I was interupted but what a wonderful feeling. I had multiple sessions this past weekend so need a break before I go at it again. Any comments from the pros out there as to what I should be searching for next. I had no sense of that yet to come into the equation? I would be interested in any and all feedback. Really happy with my progress

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Jack, (You're right Laser, that doesn't sound right)

    I am glad that the advice seemed to help. It sounds as though you have rounded a corner here. I am certainly sorry that you were interrupted, but dont fret about it. You will get back to there and beyond. The thing that is most frustrating is that you cannot get back to that same place everytime. My progress can be best described as 1 step forward, 2 steps back.

    Good luck with the progress and really play around (pun intended) with that whole ejaculation issue. After a bit, you will have diminishing returns on that. It seems to depend on the individual.

    Take it easy.