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It's been a while>
  • So it's been a while since I last posted. I had actually been without internet for a couple of months and just now got it back up and running. Love the new site, defiantly looks better than the old one. So like I said it had been a while and even know I didnt have the net that doesnt mean I stoped using my aneros. That being said I have had about 9 or so months with them and I am extatic about it all the time. Recently I had decided to go out and buy the helix because I had heard so many great things about it and also wanted to upgrade from the SGX, I also have the Eupho which I dont think Im quite ready for yeat either. So I had been using the helix for the past couple of weeks actually more and get better and more diffrent results everytime. I just wanted to ask a couple of questions which Im probably going to be directed to diffrent parts of the sight but figured its worth a shot.

    1- I have favored the laying on the back position with legs proped on pillows, wanted to know what has struck more results in others?

    2- I use ID glide for lube and find after I feel like I've got to take a crap is that due to some kind of laxitive in the lube? Also I dont inject lube just coat the outside of the aneros. Is there a desired ammount, like will a little dab do me or should I plaster it on?

    3- Should the contractions be 50/50 PC & Rectal? Or whats the best contraction?

    4- Do the invoulentary contractions come after you fatigue the muscles your contracting? Also how noticeable are they? What does it feel like?

    5- Now I've only once triggerd what I thought to be a Super O but could it be a mini O? The feeling I got was as one would feel like having a traditional orgasm, except a second or 2 I got another and it felt even better, only problem then I got a cramp in my leg and lost concentration. Tonight's session was diffrent. I got these well they could be called P-waves but not sure how to describe it, could be muscle fatigue around that area but it felt pretty good and I got a burning sensation.

    I will continue to explore these valley's but the help on the ?'s would be appreciated.