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Finally making some progress
  • I have been on the journey for some 9 months. From day one i have been able to achieve some pretty intense dry orgasms but still searching for the super o. Dry o's pretty much come on demand - a few contractions and i will achieve the dry o. However i have tonight achieved the most intense session ever. I was about an hour into my session when after some intentionally light contractions, the helix just seemed to take over. It seemed to actually penetrate me deeper than ever before and the contraction was full on and uncontrollable. I then started shaking from head to toe while thrusting my way to a really intense dry o. In the following 30 mins i had 3 more of these. These really were screaming orgasms !!! If there is more to come , not sure i can take it !!

    I feel like , for the first time in months, I have made a big step forward. I made three changes to get here - not sure which one had the biggest impact :

    1. I have had three sessions over the last four days. For each one the end has been an dry O and i intentionally did not cum conventionally. This is a big change because in the past I have always finished by ejaculating . Please let me know if any of you regularly do this - avoid cumming for a few sessions ?

    2. Got rid of the helix handle

    3. Upped the vitamin intake to include zinc (30mg) three days ago.

    Here is to the continuing journey
  • Hi mylastidea123:

    I would say that building up a good load helps. I like having two days on board before having a session with my Helix. I also like to get off through masturbating and sex such that I use my Helix perhaps no more than once per week. I think there's more to come for you. The build up to an aneros induced hand free ejaculation is simply over the top and even out performs the very intense dry ones that are darn good. I find crossing my legs such that my scrotum gets stretched out behind to be vital to experiencing strong sensations. I would recommend patience, don't rush it, along with slow steady sphincter contractions and you'll be howling at the moon in no time. Good luck!

    Billy East