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  • I have had my MGX since last April and just recently was believing to think that I need something larger such as the Progasm however I had a good session this past weekend. I took my MGX to bed with me to keep it warm since I was too tired to use it right away. I woke up about 3am lubed my toy and inserted it. In previous sessions I lasted about 45 min at most before getting not that far and decided just to masterbate. This time I decided to give it alot longer and try not to think about it that much. Well after close to 2 hours of moving from side to side and try all types of contractions (slow small to fast) I just decided to lay on my back. My legs stretched straight out, I found something. I contracted about half way and held that position and at the same time I pushed my hips/bum into the bed a bit. This put some extra pressure onto the handle and forced the MGX to have a little extra pressure on my prostate. I held this position and well the following occured:

    I got a tingling feeling in my penis, my body temperature rose to almost a sweating point, my breathing increased almost to a panting fashion and I got a tingling sensation throughout my body.
    I had read about some of these symptons on these threads so I felt really really happy to be experiencing them. It had been over 2 hours and had quite the workout and was happy with my progress so I masterturbated and it was very explosive with the MGX flying around inside just before ejaculation and at that point the MGX was shot right out of me. I still think I would enjoy something larger and will try with the Progasm. I am looking forward to my next session since now I have a position to work on from the start...Any comments or advice? Thanks Jack
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Jack,

    As you know, masturbation means you are done with your session. I would have a couple of sessions where you decide ahead of time that you will not end it that way. Experiment with it a little bit. My earlier sessions averaged about 90 minutes. It takes a while (as you now know) to get some noticeable results. I would certainly add the Progasm to your arsenal but you are just now seeing the positive effects of the MGX.

    That's my 2 cents worth. I am glad that you are starting to see some results. It is time consuming but well worth the trip.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi Jack!

    (that's something you don'twant to yell on an airplane nowdays!) LOL!

    I'm with Buster . . . and I would even go a bit further with his suggestion.

    I would try to not have traditional orgasms on the same day as your Aneros sessions! In this way your body can get used to the re-wiring that is taking place form the session, without conflicting orgasmic activity. (keep the sessions clean, until you are a little more advanced . . .)

    Just my humble opinion???

    Above all have fun!

    Later, Hlaser
  • Thanks guys for your advice. I will give it a try. Jack