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  • RD December 2007
AndroGel......a testosterone replacement/supplement
  • Somewhat related to the Aneros discussion as this gel is prescribed to supplement low testosterone in men. I have been on this for several years now as I had very low T ( I was 53 when I started on this). While on this I have a very high sex drive, I have found my MGX and Helix a good way of releasing my built up tension.
    Before I was diagnosed with low T I was having major headaches as well as no energy and when I made love to my wife I had very little if any cum.
    Now I'm on 10 g a day, it's a gel you rub on anywhere except your penis or balls. I feel much better no headaches and more energy as well as a high degree of sex drive and lots more cum.
    I am interested to know if others on this forum is on this or a similar medication.
    I have noticed also that my niples are larger and more sensitive than before, I have been trying for a nipple orgasm but have had only minor sucess, also interested to know if any others on this or similar med has noticed anything like this also.
  • RDRD
    Posts: 2
    Enlarged and sensitive nipples are a initial symptom of Progesterone induced Gynecomastia, what steroid users fondly refer to as bitch tits.

    Progesterone can be aggravated by elevated Estrogen levels, which itself can cause another form of Gynecomastia and prostate hypertrophy. Elevated Testosterone levels from TRT (Testosterone replacement therapy)will automatically elevate Estrogen unless drugs called Aromatase inhibitors are used concurrently to prevent Testosterone to Estrogen conversion.

    Aromatase inhibitors are an alternative way to boost testosterone levels versus TRT, much better I believe in producing less chance of these side effects, both require either the services of a skilled Endocrinologist or knowledge of these compounds, and/or the hormone DHT as the best anti-estrogen libido enhancing substance. The trick is to reduce Estrogen to that of a young man, but not too low, as this has long term negative effects on cardio, brain and bones. DHT is very effective for these Estrogen side effects and general male virility but if one is prone to male pattern baldness, beware.

    This is a complex subject, can only post the basics here. The best place, that I know of, to get real deal info from both doctors and skillful laymen is the anti-aging and over 35 subforums of

    I use the over the counter test boosting aromatase inhibitors from , the very best price and service place on the net to buy supplements, but I know what I'm doing with these.

    On the less serious side, those products at Nutraplanet, my choice is ALRI's Restore as it covers mutiple areas, are great as a pre game warmup for a trip to places like Vegas, etc. :twisted: These and a Prolactin reducer like Dostinex/Cabergoline will make a 40+ man feel and perform like a twentysomething again.

    I'm a pro athlete, I have to know about better living through chemistry, ask whatever, if you wish.