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New guy - experienced with anal
  • Hi

    I'm 36 - with lots of anal experience and I have several existing anal toys of varying sizes. I've been lurking for some time and I'm getting ready to purchase my first Aneros. I have seen several recommendations for the SGX for first time users and the Progasm for experienced users.

    So my question is this: while I'm new to the Aneros, I am experienced with anal / prostate stimulation. What is the best model for someone like me?

    I appreciate your thoughts.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    Hi SallyandLyle,

    The SGX model is a slightly smaller version of the MGX and has often been recommended for men of shorter stature (under 5’-7”). Since you are not an anal novice, if you are taller than 5’-7”, the HELIX or PROGASM models might be good choices.

    This is a frequently asked question, you can check out the POLL :

    and this other thread :

    for other information.
  • Thanks Rumel

    Actually - I am under 5'7". What would you suggest for a short but experienced person? :-) :?:
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    You can purchase the SGX or MGX model and try it out risk free if you purchase through this web site – see :

    Since you have indicated that you are experienced with anal play, I doubt any of the models would be difficult for you to accommodate in terms of girth. The factor which will affect you most is the length and the ability of the Aneros to actively engage your prostate. You can get more information about model recommendations from the Aneros – Home page, under the ‘Learn’ tab.

    Personally, I think the HELIX is an excellent model to begin with, but you may wish to try the SGX or MGX first to take advantage of the guaranteed refund pledge.