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prostate milking from belly
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335
    from the very excellent suggestions at, for example, this one,, i have been getting ideas on experimenting with external prostate massage.

    i have found that the spot on my belly a couple of inches above my penis is an access spot for prostate milking. if you grope around there with two finger tips and kind of dig in and rub around, you'll eventually find a spot that seems to directly massage the prostate. you can combine it with the aneros or with fingers on other hot spots on the penis or perineum.

    using this spot i had the most direct prostate milking i have ever had. it was actually much like the author of that site describes: i was "prostate orgasming" and "cumming" clear fluid on an ongoing basis. it felt fantastic, much like what i imagine it would feel like to be milked by someone.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335
    i am being naughty and bumping this thread up.

    i have been continuing to use this external prostate massage.

    it is an incredible access port to giving yourself an amazingly orgasmic prostate massage and milking.

  • BigEBigE
    Posts: 45
    Thanks for the link Darwin! I finally got around to working on this technique. The external prostate massage is a real find. It's a subtle, yet very effective way to work the prostate. At first it didn't seem to do much, but the waves of pleasure kind of creep up on you and the effects last for a long time. I incorporated the external massage with my morning yoga routine and have been in another planet all morning long. Feeling the bliss. You are the man Darwin, Thanks again.