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How do you deal with the anal stretching afterward?
  • I use only the smaller aneros models (although the helix has a large head), but after its use, my poop doesnt come out as it used too.

    I can only imagine what the maximus, and the progasm do.

    Not to digust anyone with this topic, but how do you handle the anal stretching that occurs with the aneros?
  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    Is it posing a problem? Or is it just coming out differently?

    Personally, I have noticed a bizarre change in my stool in that it is actually thinner than before the Aneros, perhaps because of muscle build up. There really isn't a problem for me to "deal with" though.
  • ndrondro
    Posts: 20
    I personally don't have a problem with this. I have helix, progasm and recently eupho. If anything, I feel that I have better control of my muscle down there, making it easier when it's time to do it.