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Find a retailer feature
  • Is the find a retailer feature working correctly? When i enter in an address,it just shows me that address and no shops in the area in Northern Illinois.
  • Hello daytimefunn,

    In our database we have 3 shops that carry our products in the Chicago area. Search on Chicago, IL and they will come up. There are probably a couple more that we don't have listed and there are probably several outside of Chicago as well.

    We add retailers whenever we find them or they ask to be listed here. Ordering online of course is an option as well - our shipping times are pretty quick.


    Aneros Web Support
  • :cry: sorry every time that i try that,i get red dotsjust a map.could someone else try to find retailers around or in chicago to see if it works and please list them here please?
  • Try these shops. Both shops know a lot about our products and are great people as well!

    The Pleasure Chest
    3155 North Broadway
    Chicago, IL
    (773) 525-7151

    Early to Bed
    5232 North Sheridan Rd.
    Chicago, IL
    (773) 271-1219
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi daytimefunn,

    We may have another issue here with a difference between IE and Firefox. With IE I don't get any retail listings come across. With Firefox, they jump right up. At least that is how it is with me.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hey Support,

    It looks as though there is a log out option on the Blog page now. I dont know if it was new or if there was an issue with my browser it isnt in the same spot as in the other pages, but what the heck, it's there.
  • i figured it was something to do with the browser. Support was very helpful in getting addresses to me and as of last night, i drove the 50 or so miles to chicago to get my helix.Thanks guys.
  • I may try Firefox and see what I pull up there, but the only NY finds were for New York City.