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Modifications To Your Aneros Massager?
  • View Poll Results: Have you made Modifications to your Aneros Massager? Voters: 555

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    A.) No, I haven't made any modifications. 188 33.87%

    B.) Yes, I cut the loop tail/handle off. 233 41.98%

    C.) Yes, I modified the P-tab arm relationship. 0 0%

    D.) Yes, I modified the P-tab pressure surface. 11 1.98%

    E.) B & C 44 7.93%

    F.) B & D 11 1.98%

    G.) B, C & D 22 3.96%

    H.) C & D 22 3.96%

    I.) Yes, OTHER modification(s)... (please explain) 22 3.96%

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    While I know many of you have multiple models of Aneros massagers, this poll is intended to find out how many of you have made structural modifications to any one of them and WHY you did so. I know that many have buffed and polished their toys, but this is more of a refinement than a modification and is not included as a voting option. Please post a brief reason for the modification and the model(s) altered.

    I have a MGX (cut the tail off), a HELIX (cut the tail off) and a PROGASM (straightened the K-tab arm, shaped the neck narrower, removed the keel). These mods were done to make usage possible while in a sitting position.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    I have 5 models (MGX, Helix, Eupho, Maximus & Progasm) and I have cut the curly tails off of the MGX, Eupho & Maximus. When I first decided to modify my MGX, I was in the pre-orgasmic stage and heard that it allowed more movement. I believe that it did, so off with the other tails! I kept it on the Helix just to have it be different than the others. I have made no modifications to the Progasm at all.
  • RodemRodem
    Posts: 18
    I have not modified my MGX itself.
    But I usually put a latex cushion on the abutment.
    It prevents slipping off the abutment from the spot, and the pressure is not weaken but soften somehow.
  • I have cut the tail of my Helix to allow use while sitting or if I feel like running some errands. It's enjoyable in combination with the vibrations of a moving car.