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Coming on to two years of nothing...
  • I've been using the aneros on and off for almost two uears now and definitley feel alot of frustration. Sometimes I feel like what's the point. I can't say I've learned anything more or experienced anything pleasurable since my fist session when I bought the thing. I do get involuntary contractions though- quite easily. Supposedly these are the firast step in the right direction(?) From other posts, it seemed like these worked. For me, I have kept them going continuously for 30 mins, but they were just bland and ineffective, considering the concentration and breathing I have to use to keep them up. Its hard to know what to do, when every possible variation you try on breathing, position, porn, aneros model etc. does nothing... What has helped most users "break through"? Should I just relax as much as possible when I feel the involuntaries start?? I do get subtle tingly sensations in the beginning of my sessions, but my anus tends to tighten up and start contracting, which contrary to most posts here seems to "break the spell". What I am doing wrong?!?
  • I know that in two years, you have probably played with this already, along with many other suggestions, but I have a few more to give.

    I want to suggest you try different p-tab positions. For me, this is a major key in achieving orgasm, or achieving nothing. The funny thing is, I still struggle to find that spot in every session as it isn't exactly in the same place. I am getting better at it and being aroused helps too.

    So, try moving it, wait about 5 minutes and see if you feel anything different. Also try stretching the skin under it in different ways. With me it seems to be as much about how the skin is stretched under it as it does how it is positioned. It may actually be an uncomfortable pressure, almost like a pain as it is with me sometimes. Or, it may lead to a tingle in your abdomen or penis. Don't look for a specific feeling though, just look for something different, and explore it. If you don't feel anything different after 5 minutes, move it again. Continue to do this, you may get lucky.

    Another thing to try is moving your legs in different positions. Sometimes whether or not I hit that spot seems to depend on how I have my legs. I tend to lay on my back with my legs bent open and resting on pillows -- but others have reported success in many different other positions. What you want is the P-tab to be on the right spot, and your body in the right position to be sent into orgasm. I'll be honest and say it is a lot of trial and error. I can't tell you exactly what to do, and believe me, I wish I could. All I can say is to experiment

    I sure hope you manage to have success, I promise you that when you do, you'll be in disbelief at how unbelievable it feels.
  • marmotmarmot
    Posts: 80
    Qwer1234, I really admire your persistence. I think I would have given up long before 2 years. Although I was able to get to an O fairly quickly, they didn't happen often until I did 2 other things. Now I can almost bring them on by will. First I studied the KSMO method. This is inducing O's with a sound - - I went from there to just learning to do it with concentration alone. But the BIG thing which got me there was learning how to stimulate my nipples to cause O's. There is a website - - where you can get an idea how to do it. I was surprised to learn that the most light and gentle nipple stimulation reverberated in my pelvis and easily gave me light to medium O's. Once they were happening I was able to use the meditative techniques I learned earlier to move them around and intensify them. When I got back to the grand daddy of all methods - the Aneros - I was able to generate intense and almost continuous O's just with it alone (no nipple stimulation).

    I think that once I got the confidence that I could get the O's I stopped thinking about them, and they seemed to happen more easily then. When I use the Aneros, I put it in and don't do anything - no contractions, no pushing - nada. I just let it take over and watch where it takes me.

    Qwer1234, don't give up. It's one of the most incredible things one can experience.

  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    I was stuck in a big rut for about 2 months, to the point that my sex drive was low and frankly I was thinking of giving up using the Aneros. However, I started to abstain from ejaculating, and after about five days I am buzzing with excitement and a ever-growing pleasure in my prostate when I am aroused... and when I'm not. I haven't broken through yet, but I am happy with this level of pleasure I am feeling. If you haven't tried it, I suggest abstaining and perhaps trying the orgasm diet. KSMO is a definite recommendation if you haven't tried that as well.

    Good luck.
  • QWER1234,
    I'm sure that there is a lot more just like you, A LOT! I've read a bunch of posts saying try this or try that. Listen, I'm going to get flack about this post, but here it goes. Some have said smoke MJ, others "play w/ your nipples, sexy music, PORN, oh yes lots of porn. Face it, sometimes I think the posts about SUPER COLLOSAL "O's" and involuntary Quiverings are a figment of peoples imagination. Admit it there is a lot of great story tellers on the forum. Oh, by the way, did you try the excercise ball thing or the tantric mojo, smear yourself with rapeseed oil and rub your tummy and pat your head thing? Everybodys looking for the pot-of-gold @ the end of the rainbow, trouble is the Aneros is not a magic butt plug, it is what it is.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi qwer1234,

    Have you been working this pretty consistantly for the 2 years? You said that you were on and off and I was just wondering how frequent and how long the "off" times were?

    I just dont understand why it takes guys such different time lengths to get this. I was over 7 months and can tell you, there was a ton of frustration. I don't know if I could have gone 2 years. I wish I had a good answer for you, but I guess that there are many factors that can get in the way. The suggestions being thrown around here are sincere and do work for those individuals. Unfortunately, it does not mean it will work for you. Keep trying the ones that intrigue you, who knows which one will work.

    All I can do is wholeheartedly second Marmot when he says don't give up. It really is astounding what your body is capable of. I didn't have a clue!

    Good luck to you.

  • MaxMax
    Posts: 10
    I can totally relate to your situation. I also have been at this for about 2 years. The other night I felt I was so close, but I just couldn't get there. I feel I was definitely reaching for it rather than letting it come to me as so many successful guys have said to do. After about an hour of relaxing and contracting and fantasizing, I was just keeping a gentle anal squeeze to keep the involuntaries very strong. My whole body was shaking uncontrollably from head to toe and I could feel a building of something in the groin area and penis like I was going to cum. It kept building and building as I was fantasizing and concentrating on the feelings inside. I think this is where I go wrong. I can concentrate on those feelings for only so long, and the same goes for the fantasies. I can't seem to have a long enough fantasy to finish things off, and no matter how long and drawn out I try to make the fantasy, I just can't match the point of orgasm from fantasy to what is happening right then (if that makes any sense). At that point, I seem to start looking for something else to fantasize about and the process starts all over. I truly feel that if I could just concentrate and stay focused on something like the feelings the aneros is providing, or a fantasy that could last longer, I would be able to break through. I don't know if I have AADD of what, but it is definitely frustrating. I have been at it for a long time and do have the mini O's, but no super O yet. I'm not giving up because no matter what it is a very enjoyable thing for me to do. I figure one day (when I least expect it), it will happen.

    I have been lurking around here for a long long time and have tried pretty much everything everyone has posted. I definitely appreciate all the suggestions from all who participate.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    Hi Qwer1234 & Max,

    I also admire you gentleman for your tenacity of effort with staying on the journey. I would like to suggest one other thing that has not been suggested by my fellow posters above. You may wish to consider the “Slightest Touch” device described by 'B. Mayfield' in his post “I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC” - - this may provide the final little nudge you are looking for to cross over into the O-zone.

    To stmfttr,
    You are correct that the Aneros is not a magic butt plug and that some posters may be exaggerating their orgasmic experiences (understandable when they are happening to them but not to you). However, the experiences that have been described are very real, I know because I have also experienced many of them myself, although not to the apparent intensity of the descriptors. That in no way diminishes the pleasures I DO derive from my use of the Aneros despite not getting to a Super-O. If you approach use of your Aneros as just a pleasant adjunct to your life and not focus on getting to a fabled “SUPER COLLOSAL O”, you may find yourself less frustrated and enjoying the present experience more. If you begin each anerosession with the reminder that you just want to enjoy what today’s experience presents as you try different techniques, you may find more satisfaction from the knowledge you are gaining from yourself.
  • MaxMax
    Posts: 10
    I have no doubt that there is something more for me (and many others struggling to reach the super O) just around the corner. The feelings seem to be getting more intense the more I become immersed in the journey. The slightest touch may just be the thing that does it, but the longer this goes on, I feel like I can get there without external intervention. Maybe not, but for now I think it's the focusing and concentration that I need to work on. I've been at it for so long now, some might think it's time to give it up, but I'm committed to this. If nothing else, I should have a healthy prostate. Once the super O comes to me, then I may experiment with the other stim sources, but I want to get there on my own first. I'm just stubborn that way.

    Thanks for the encouragement.
  • It sounds to me like you're getting too hung up on the detail. Forget Super Os, involuntaries and all that stuff for now. Just be in your body during your session and just be each feeling and nerve impulse. Don't name it, don't think, "This is it!", don't compare, let the experience be yours and yours alone at that one point in your time here.

    I've always found it best to approach each session with humility and with the attitude of "Whatever my body and brain give me in this session, it's what I need right now." What's difficult about describing an Aneros session is that the whole thing can be 'orgasmic' but at differing levels. Well, that's my experience anyway - everyone else's will be something different.

    I'd say start again: insert the Aneros and just feel it there. Don't use any language to describe what you're feeling as words will limit the experience. Just feel it, don't indulge in whatever thoughts are in your mind. Just be aware of the sensations from the Aneros and nothing else.

    For me, it's like walking down the stairs: I'm fine until I start thinking about it, which foot is going where, etc. It's the same with using the Aneros. When you're experiencing different things, then maybe give them a name, but for now just go language-less and BE what you're feeling.

    Hope that's not too complicated!
  • MaxMax
    Posts: 10
    I don't think it's complicated at all. I understand and appreciate your comments. The hard part is actually executing the "strategy" of doing nothing and not thinking about something outside of "my world". I need to figure out a way to escape, as it were, the hectic day to day stuff that requires constant thinking and turn off my mind to the outside world for awhile. I suppose some sort of meditation training would be good. This would be benificial in more ways than one I'm sure.
  • Max said:

    I don't think it's complicated at all. I understand and appreciate your comments. The hard part is actually executing the "strategy" of doing nothing and not thinking about something outside of "my world". I need to figure out a way to escape, as it were, the hectic day to day stuff that requires constant thinking and turn off my mind to the outside world for awhile. I suppose some sort of meditation training would be good. This would be benificial in more ways than one I'm sure.

    Maybe use the Aneros session AS your meditation, a time and space for yourself where no other worries and concerns aren't allowed for an hour or so.
  • Max, I hope you've found some success since your last post. I am going on my 3rd year with my MGX and still have not experienced the acclaimed Super-O. There have been several sessions when the recognition of that "peak of the wave" feeling occurs, however my wave never seems to guide me home. I plan on continuing my everlasting experiment regardless, trying new techniques and ideas. As you mention in a previous post, a healthy prostate is far from inconvenient! 

    rorymuscle makes a good point which I have not really attempted thus far of basically turning off my thoughts and becoming what I feel. Here's to hope and persistence!  
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777

    Hey, I've been using them for over 5 years, and had success in the first two years, but because of my disc degeneration, herniation and osteo-arthritis, I've been going steadily downhill with less and less sensations.  But I still keep trying, because it's fun, and it still feels good.

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @Silence - Don't be discouraged. By 12/4/2012 it will have been six years since I started, and I have not achieved super-O's yet. But, like yourself I do get plenty of pleasure from my Aneros sessions such that I'm still motivated to keep trying and continue to make progress over time. For a small minority of us it seems it takes a lot longer to get there.
  • Took me 11 months from first getting my MGX to experiencing Super-O. Worth the journey! Better than any other sexual experience I have had, by FAR!
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 224
    "my anus tends to tighten up and start contracting, which contrary to most posts here seems to break the spell"

    I know what you mean. Contractions are really distracting for me too. I've tried to generate big contractions and body-shaking a number of times (because I thought it must be the path to the super-o) and they always turn out to be dud sessions.

    The only thing that works for me is honing in on the prostate pleasure, and maintaining focus on that and nothing else. Blur out everything but the sensations in your prostate, let your body do what ever else it wants.
    If I'm concentrating on contractions, then I'm not concentrating on the feeling of pleasure.
    I can have the aneros fluttering, but feel nothing but the movement itself. The pleasure needs to be in the driving seat. The pleasure will drive the contractions, the contractions alone won't drive the pleasure, so they're not worth thinking about.

    I usually start by focusing on the subtle feeling of pressure against my prostate, how nice it feels, work in some fantasy thoughts and try to build that feeling by giving it my full attention. It's like being at a party where you're talking to someone. There are plenty of other people around you also talking, but you're listening intently to one voice and the others are tuned out. That kind of focus.

    I think contractions have their place when your body is trying to learn how to move the aneros, but once you have that worked out you can ignore it and let them happen at their own pace.

    I think you should throw out the rule-book and listen to your own body above all else, follow the pleasure.
    It doesn't go from 'feeling absolutely nothing' to 'incredible orgasm' in one sudden attack. The pleasure starts as a tiny seed and grows. Your only job is to provide the right environment for it to grow. And for me, that's listening to it like we're at a party. I know the movement is there, but I've tuned it out, because the movement is not talking to me, it's talking to my prostate and my prostate is talking to me.
  • because you've try for 2 years or more and tryed every suggestion you are probably very frustrated if you are frustrated you will feel no pleasure so don't get frustrated one bit