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UNBELIEVABLE the story continues
  • tomorrow is the one year anniversary. wow it just keeps getting better...

    in the beginning the awareness, the breathing, the exercises and from all that posted, helped me discover the ability to have multiples.

    it started out with hyperventilation type breathing and deep concentration and the execises to get the muscule adjacent to the prostate to go into involuntaries. that is where the multiples come from...partially.

    now, there is no need for heavy/ryhthmic breathing, nor exercises, or for that matter anything. over the past twelve months the involunatries grew to " total voluntary muscle control" when ever and where ever.

    sex with my wife has been incredible (it was always good i justed didnt think it would get so much better) with both of us having multiples, one after another, riding on each others extasy coasters. a blowjob now is having 15 orgasms within 20 minutes and never knowing which orgasm is going to ejaculate.

    i said partially above, but the rest is all mental. i say this because the muscle spasm brings on the feeling of "i am going to cum" the spasm will carry you to the very top, but with out your mind pushing you over the edge it just wont happed, at least that is the way it works for me.

    yes i have used the helix several times (may be a dozen times) i have had a couple of good/great sessions, but it never has matched the feelings i have without any aids.

    i have also discovered the p-spot on the saddle bone and in combination it has heightened the feelings. however, the tab of skin just under the front head of the penis (some call it the triangle) massaged with a lite touch (preferably someone elses) while having the spasms produce orgasms one after another.

    my wife once did this to me while on a 90 min. roadtrip, at the end of the trip i was shooting out precum like i have never experienced, (put on the goggles). i probably had in excess of 100 o's, many of them blended in to continuous orgasms . the touch has to be light, sort of like the shower water dripping off the under end and it has to been in the right spot.

    i have talked to scores of people (both sexes) most have never heard of it, some of my close friends have tried achieving the same, but at least verbally no one has reached it. it was so natural i surely thought one of my friends would.

    i still dont get why this is not common knowledge, i mean this should be part of any 8th grade health class. i think people in generaly would be happier & more content with, than without.

    bandm hx
  • bandm hx

    wow, I am extremely astounded at what you are posting. It is insane crazy that you can do what you describe. I want to thank you for sharing this with us -- reading this post as well as your others have really helped me as I compare what you're describing with my recent and past experiences.

    I am slowly making discoveries that I think may be slowly leading me perhaps on the path to accomplishing what you describe, and I sure hope so, but I just don't know where it's leading.

    I have mentioned it in other threads, but when I was 11 years old, my first orgasms were from dog paddling in a swimming pool. I really believe that the constant contractions to the point of extreme fatigue were somehow the triggers -- and you originally described doing this to achieve orgasm, so I am noting some similarities. I stopped the swimming pool activity and never was able to get a non-ejaculatory orgasm again in over a decade, until I discovered the aneros about a month ago, and since then I've been slowly making all kinds of discoveries. I have even had a few orgasms w/out the aneros centered in my left foot (of all places!!), but they are very rare and hard to accomplish, so I am still learning.

    What you say that truly astounds me is that you say the 'involuntaries' grew into being 'voluntary.' I have noticed during my aneros sessions that I get these completely involuntary 'sneeze' like expelling contractions that are accompanied by the extreme bliss of orgasm. It feels similar to the contraction that is ejaculation only there is no ejaculation. In my session last night, it felt as though I was halfway controlling them. When I would get close I could almost tell myself "It's happening!" and bam, I'd get a contraction and the extreme bliss. It was as if I was halfway making it happen just by telling myself "It's happening!" I had to cut that session short however, but I do look forward to exploring this some more.

    I sure hope I learn to do what you have learned. Anything else you can tell us would be really helpful to me. This is unbelievable indeed.

  • by originally doing the exercises described in the forum, i was able to start the involuntaries "due to fatigue". i believe the pc muscle (stop pee muscle) is where the spasm comes from.

    at first it was difficult to separate the rectum muscle and the pc muscle from doing the same contractions ( back and forth flexing of the muscle group). i think for me being able to isolate the two and work only the pc muscle was key.

    by rapidly contracting and tensioning the muscle, it starts a self perpetual motion much like a merry go round. once in motion it does not require as much energy to keep it in motion.

    the amount of energy you use at this point, determines where you are in the "i am going to cum" feeling (from the begining all the way to threshold).

    much like the mind tells you, your gonna sneeze, mine tells me i am going to cum. when i use both muscle and mind in unison it begins. it doesnt stop until ejaculation or i quit the session.
  • "much like the mind tells you, your gonna sneeze, mine tells me i am going to cum. when i use both muscle and mind in unison it begins. it doesnt stop until ejaculation or i quit the session."-

    Is this hands free ejaculation? If so, is it done with penis stretch?
  • rarely it is hands free, not because i dont try but i am usuallly sharing with my wife and she likes to keep her eye on top if you know what i mean. i have experienced the stretch and it does work for me. most times i probably get impatient and finish when i am ready and not when the ride is really over.