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Are there lots of Finns using this?!
  • I've just taken a look on Google trends and typed in Aneros - the results surprised me: Finland was top of the table for searches on Aneros (and also Fleshlight). So that's what one does to have fun where the sun don't shine - have fun where the sun don't shine!

    Any Finnish lurkers on here? Perhaps HIH should have their own Finnish board.

    The link is

    Interesting to type in other stuff too.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335
    that is definitely fascinating and hilarious.

    one thing to note. the results are normalized, which means, basically, the graph represents the proportion of searches per location, not the absolute number.

    here is the explanation of the normalization:

    but, still it is very interesting that finland has such a relatively high proportion of avid masturbators.

  • tmbtmb
    Posts: 1
    Hi board!

    A really satisfied Finnish Aneros owner here! I've been having fun with my MGX for three months and today I just bought Maximus.
    As to the Google results, that is amazing! Hurray all the Finnish dudes searching for more information on this great toy! I hope you all give it a try!
    I encourage you to register in here and let's see if could start a topic for Finnish Aneros users, just like the French guys have theirs.

    This really must have something to do with lack of sunlight, just as rorymuscle said! :)