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Former MMO Virgin Needs Advice
  • marmotmarmot
    Posts: 80
    Only two months ago I had never heard of multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms. I bought a Helix for prostate problems (I'm 66), and thirty seconds after I inserted it, my life began to change dramatically. The Big-O followed two weeks later. I used it often and got a Prostate Cushion for Little-O's when I couldn't use the Helix. I followed the advice of senior members and learned the KSMO technique, having a little-O on the third sound the first time I tried it. Darwin inspired me to seek the Aneros-less, KSMO-less O's, and I embarked on a fascinating journey of meditation and inner focus. I downloaded Ecstasy to enhance these inner journeys. Most recently Darwin (he's such a good influence!) led me to Wuerstchen's nipple stimulation site. I had never tried this, but within minutes of very lightly touching my nipples through my shirt I was having lovely prostate and penis sensations resulting in a nice O a few minutes later.

    So, here's how my life has changed: I woke up at 4:00 AM with my nipples tingling, and the next thing I know I was hit with an O so powerful that every muscle in my body - including my penis - had one violent spasm that even woke up my wife. Ever since the first time I used the Helix I wake up at 4:00 AM with spasming perineal muscles which I often work into an Anernos-less O. Most mornings when I'm sitting reading the morning paper I have little O's. Every time I see someone attractive the muscles in my perineum go wild with pleasurable contractions all on their own. By the end of the day my shorts are stiff from pre-cum. My libido is very high because these non-ejaculatory orgasms don't decrease it at all. I used to masturbate to porn a couple times a week with ejaculation, but now I watch porn and stimulate my nipples because it feels better than masturbation. I still enjoy intercourse with my wife as much as ever. I'm only using the Aneros about once a week, and as far as pleasures go, it's still king. My overall mood is excellent, and my regular meditation practice seems enhanced. I seem to be much more connected to the world around me, especially when I'm out in nature.

    To some, this might seem like a new garden of pleasures, but to me it seems like addiction. It's not caused any real problem other than taking up time when I should be working, but my schedule is flexible, and I eventually get things done. I do think the Aneros products should come with a label stating that they are potentially addictive. (Just kidding.)

    I realize that my body is going through a process of re-wiring. Mayfield and others have theorized that MMO's are an awakening of the female sexual neurological system. I tend to agree with that hypothesis, especially after I discovered that lightly rubbing my nipple was felt in my penis and prostate. (This new knowledge has enhanced my love-making techniques for my wife.)

    My questions to the more experienced members are: Where is this going? Is it normal at first to become newly sexual in so many different ways? Will it quiet down after awhile, or will I continue to make new discoveries? In your own personal lives has it become an addiction in the sense that it causes you problems? If so, do you have any advice?

    I'm not complaining. This two months has been a fantastic period of discovery as well as a drug-free high. I'm just looking for a sense of perspective.

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi marmot!

    This is a great story!

    Your story parallels allot of the things that happened to me and still do . . .

    I also started with the various Aneros models and once I started having my "chair-orgasms" I added the KSMO to my practice, to broaden my knowledge and sexual experiences.

    I now have coffee and orgasms every morning and sometimes they lead to an Aneros session or other technique. (sometimes a session even lasts all day!) I am divorced and retired, so I can pretty much arrange my day any way I want???


    [My questions to the more experienced members are: Where is this going? Is it normal at first to become newly sexual in so many different ways? Will it quiet down after awhile, or will I continue to make new discoveries? In your own personal lives has it become an addiction in the sense that it causes you problems? If so, do you have any advice?]

    IMHO, It is going down a path of discovery, that will go on indefinitely . . .

    From my own experience over the last couple of years, the Self-Discovery and the potency of the orgasms is every increasing and has no limits! This is also true for others much more experienced than I, as well! (as I asked THEM this same question???)

    Yes, (again, IMHO) it is "Normal" to "become newly sexual in so many different ways" and in even more ways to come! But as always, we are ALL a little different! (Different Strokes)

    Also, I wouldn't want it to "calm down" at all! What it does do tho! . . . With experience, it gives you more control over the situation, (I am now used to kind of steering a session how ever it is needed, in order to not interfere with living "normal" life. (work, play, social functions...) Now I don't worry about this; I am in tune with it and it subsides or lessens whenever I need it to. "You gain Control"

    I don't consider this an addiction! IF I wish, I can and do put it on a shelf for a period and when I return, it is still there waiting for me to embrace it again! (After all . . . it is "YOU")

    In the early days, I have been "ungrounded" (for days at a time, having base-line orgasms day and nite!) where I couldn't seem to come down. (back to Earth, so to speak) That was the only period when I actually had some concern as to the "addiction"aspect or it. But, I soon learned how to "re-ground" myself when this happened! Thank God! A little scary! (but now I could really get into an occasional un-grounding period! LOL!)

    Hope this helps!

    Later, Hlaser
  • marmotmarmot
    Posts: 80

    Thanks for the great reply. It's good to know that I'm not having morning coffee orgasms alone. I suspect you are right about these wonderful new aspects of myself coming into balance with the rest of my life.

    Many in this forum have stated that it's a pity that most men go through life completely unaware of this great potential within themselves.

    I'm looking forward what lies ahead.

  • Thanks for your post, Marmot. Like hlaser99, your story parallels a lot of the things that have happened to me as well. You certainly tell it more interestingly than I have been able to do! From the quick success, to the early morning “surprises” and pleasures, to the feelings of self-discovery and of being more connected within and without, this continues to be a grand experience.

    And, thank you, hlaser99, for your reply to Marmot’s post. You addressed a major concern that I have had: whether or not the degree of control would increase as experience increased. I seem to be in an “ungrounded” stage where the number of “surprise” orgasms and things that can trigger them seem to be increasing to the point of being “out of control”. I haven’t been at this long enough (only 3 months) to really want things to really “calm down” but I am beginning to wonder about practical limits. How long were you on the journey before you begin to feel you were gaining a comfortable degree of control? Do you have any tips as to how I might learn to place some useful limits (“re-ground” myself) when I need to do so (at work, on social occasions, while driving, etc.) or do you think that this will just come naturally when the time is right or necessity demands?

    Enjoy the ride!

  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    I'm very curious about this. I went through something similar, but there were differences, I assume because I am female. The first difference is that it was incredibly difficult for me at first to grapple with this because for a woman with this ability, the easiest path to orgasm is through simple intercourse. And it is remarkable how many many men are happy to comply with a request for simple basic intercourse based on a woman's need.

    The second thing that happened is that my sexual energy rose along my chakras, and I began to have higher orgasms. This helped with the first problem, because now I desire more than simple intercourse from a man, but was also difficult to adjust to. From what I have read in the literature I have now experienced all possible types of higher chakra orgasms, a comforting thought. I wouldn't say I am exactly in control of my sexuality--a man can still give me an unexpected spontaneous orgasm by very slight social contact--but I feel I have more of a handle on it now that I know the ropes.

    But from what I have read, this rising does not happen automatically in men, and they have to practice taoist or tantric semen retention and orbiting to get the energy to rise.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    HI Red!

    In answer to your question . . .

    IMHO, Yes, you will be more able to "Ground" with experience! I find that this natural ability comes with time and I usually just relax, smile and greet my orgasms with open arms just as I would a nice and willing lady, if I would be so lucky!

    My un-grounding period happened a short time after starting my KSMO training. The great folks there were more than happy to shower me with their own remedies for getting "grounded" again, after being in an orgasmic state for extended periods. (for days or even weeks, some said!)

    Most involved taking your mind off the orgasmic state and replacing it with something else: A long, hot bath, meditation/relaxation, eating certain foods or hot teas, watching a movie, listening to music, exercise, etc. But I think the most important thing for me, was to have a support group of experienced people to ask the questions and also to find that I am not the Lone Ranger, where "un-grounding" is concerned!

    My longest period was being in a constant state of orgasmic bliss for 3 days! I kept a baseline orgasm constantly and then the slightest thing would cause a higher orgasm or multiples! After trying everything to get a handle on this, I finally discovered "MY" answer to this dilemma! I had an Aneros session, which took me to new heights and ended with a part-prostate and part-traditional orgasm, the likes of which I haven't experienced since! (Too bad, eh???)

    Any way this ended with feelings of elation, complete and utter satisfaction and a perpetual smile that I couldn't stop making! But I had control! Wow, what a trip, tho!

    Sorry for the long answer, but I guess I started re-living the experience???

    Later, Hlaser
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi Zane!

    Good to hear from you!

    It sounds like we are probably experiencing similar things. only Male and Female versions of it???

    I think it is very empowering to know that one doesn't "really" have to rely on a member of the opposite sex, to be fulfilled sexually, not that I actually prefer being without a Life Partner. There really IS life after Divorce tho! LOL!

    Unfortunately, during my "dating" period and still, I guess . . . it seems that a man's need for simple basic intercourse wasn't as available to to me, an average Joe. Although, as you say: "it is remarkable how many many men are happy to comply with a request for simple basic intercourse based on a woman's need."

    I think I can relate to the second part as well, although, when you speak of higher Chakras, etc., I have a basic lack of understanding in this area and don't really know the proper response??? As for taoist or tantric semen retention and orbiting, I haven't been there either. (Sorry!)

    Hope I responded to some of your query, tho???

    Later, Hlaser
  • zaneblue, after reading your post I feel more lucky and blessed than ever because I am able to experience so much pleasure even though I have hardly followed what is apparently the traditional path. I have done no reading and have little knowledge regarding such things as chakras or taoist and tantric theory and practices. I don't even know the basics of KSMO. Rather than music, I rely on a white noise generator to shut out background noise during sessions.

    I know these techniques have been successful for many. I just haven't had the time to look at them in any depth. My approach has been: "If it feels good, do it again. If it doesn't, make an informed guess as to what went wrong and try somthing different." Obviously the best sources for information as to what might be wrong and new techniques to try are the experienced posters on this forum.

    There are two things in my pre-anerous background that I believe may be significant in my progress I have enjoyed. One is when I took clogging lessons and learned to connect my mind to my feet. I could read about the various steps and could watch experienced dancers. I had good information in my mind and knew what I was supposed to do. I just could not make my feet do what I wanted them to do. A wise teacher told me that I just needed to develop the part of my mind that controlled muscles and movement. She told me it would require practice, practice, and more practice. It took me about three months.. When the wiring within my brain and between my brain and feet connected, I was able to begin to do the steps I had been struggling to do. The longer I continued to dance, the more control I developed and the easier it was to learn new steps and combinations. Once the basic wiring is complete, its easy to add new conncections. I brought this mind-muscle connection with me.

    The second tool I brought was an ability to focus. When I was younger I had to work at a desk job in an open room with five others. I developed the mental ability to focus on my work and ignore most everything else that was going in the office. I accidentally discovered that I could expand my ability to focus to the point that I could mentally create some physical sensations on and in my body.. My partner at the time knew how to give great massages. She could relieve a tension headache by working the knots out of my shoulders and could expertly use her hands to release tension in my arms, legs, neck and lower back. One day I developed one of my headaches when she was not around. I could feel the knot in my shoulder. I was focused on that shoulder. All of a sudden I began to feel the warmth and motions of her hands. I was using my sensual memory to create the physical sensation of a massage. The headache went away. From that point on, I memorized every physical sensation I experienced during a massage. Although I continued to prefer the human contact that came with a massage, when circumstances dictated otherwise, I was able to achieve physical relaxation through the use of mental stimulation. I also brought this ability to this grand experiment!

    These two mind-muscle control abilities that I have been using for many years is probably why I can easily relax at the beginning of seesions, can readily "grow" slight sensations into strong orgasms, and why, with the help of my Helix, I am able to use my mind to discover and strengthen (wire) connections between my prostate and the rest of me. Are these focus and mind-muscle abilities any thing like the skills you learn through taoist or tantric studies and practices?

    Well, it looks like that to some extent I jhave answered the questions I posed above to hlaser99. I believe control comes with experience. It happens naturally. As you practice and enjoy new experiences, you tend to want to repeat them. As you practice the mind-muscle technicques necessary to repeat positive experinces, you also are discovering the mental and physical controls that turn them off.

    That's my theory and I'm sticking to it!

    Enjoy the ride!

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    i have a mundane contribution to make here to the original question.

    i have found that going ahead and ejaculating after practicing mmo does not interfere with a robust mmo life (daily even) but does dispense with the constant sexual distractedness that accompanies ejaculation denial. mmo significantly stimulates the production of ejaculate and not letting it out at the end seems to keep things too revved up. i'm not saying the addictive symptoms will disappear but retention, to me, exacerbates them.

  • What a great thread! Thanks all! The compromise of other aspects of my life has always been a real concern for me. The couple days I experienced random, unsolicited MMOs were enough to send me into hiding. I am noticing that the base-line prostate pleasure is much more a constant and welcome part of me now, rather than distracting. What you are sharing is encouraging. It would be great. if others would share regarding balance entering into the process. It seems to me, Darwin, that you have expressed somewhat of a struggle hitting your balance point - am I right about that? This could develop into some really good coaching. grateful