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pleasure wave orgasm v. prostate orgasm
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    i am starting to think that there are "distinctions" of orgasm.

    for me, the most common are P-wave orgasms. in these i get a p-wave that overtakes me. they are accompanied by contractions and a mental lapse. sometimes, with these, it is possibly debatable as to whether i am or am not having an orgasm. they exist in a kind of continuum, and at a certain strength, they are orgasmic. i wonder if these are like women's orgasms.

    but recently i have been having a different kind. they have less of a continuum. they are really pretty much either on or off. and when they are on, there is no mistaking it. they are just overwhelmingly orgasmic. i think that these might be full on max-contract prostate orgasms, with possibly other full-body stuff as well.

    anybody else had thoughts along these lines?

  • I just want to chime in and say, I have experienced a wide range of pleasurable feelings, many of which have lead me to question within myself: "What defines an orgasm?"

    I mean, there are times when I experience something that leaves no doubt that it definitely was an orgasm, but there are other times I experience things that are right on border line.

    Take the other night for instance, I wasn't really aroused, but I had a perfect opportunity for a session, so I took it. I managed to get the orgasmic contractions, and it felt really really good. There was even a great sense of sexual release -- However, I did not feel those really awesome intense waves of pleasure. I think my body was depleted from earlier masturbation and from being unaroused, which lead to this. So, I question in my mind, was what I experienced an orgasm? I just don't know. I think it was, but without that awesome feeling coming over me so strongly, I just don't know. If it was an orgasm, it was one of those "empty" ones.

    The few anerosless foot/hand twitching O's I've (somewhat rarely) managed to get also have me questioning "Was that an orgasm?" I mean, sometimes it feels really mild.

    I think that the mind is capable of producing pleasure in such a varied way that it is impossible to precisely define an orgasm. Even if it could be precisely defined, there would be no way of communicating this definition to others, as the whole event is entirely internal. I think you have to decide for yourself what an orgasm is, and only you can ever know if you crossed that definition.

    This almost leads us in a dilemma because if everyone has their own definition, then how do I know (from what I've experienced and defined as an orgasm) if what someone else is experiencing is an orgasm? For all I know, they may not be feeling anything near what I'd consider an orgasm. This leads into deep philosophical issues that I really don't want to get into here, and I don't think there is a clear answer to this.

  • i also am opening up to what an orgasm is - i think that's the most liberating step of this process.

    after i was eventually able to let go of getting a super o, i have made the most progress.

    i am currently in an anerosless, but satisfying session. i am having several waves (maybe p-waves, i'm not sure, but very subtle) of warmth, tingling, slightly orgasmic sensations.

    it's come about by chance, after a nice short session with the aneros last night.

    i wouldn't have recognized these feelings as "pre-orgasmic" before - but after opening up to different ways of feeling an orgasm i'm really enjoying these sensations.

    i am now wondering if my first o's and super o's will come about without the aneros inserted - but a day or two after a session. has anyone else achieved their first o's without the aneros?
  • BigEBigE
    Posts: 45
    My take is that we are talking about the flow of sexual energy through the body. When we learn to fully relax, and pay attention to the energy that we create with sexual manipulation we find that it moves throughout the body. The generation and movement of energy is a very pleasurable sensation. Ordinary sexual stimulation concentrates all the energy in the genitals and then releases it rather suddenly through ejaculation. Various esoteric practices like Taoist alchemy and tantra are about recognizing, feeling and embracing sexual energy.
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    I think the ability to have these lesser sensations trigger orgasms depends on the dopamine in the brain. And also, to a lesser extent, on the length of time from the last "traditional" orgasm.