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  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,313
    as described by wuerstchen, i tried stomach stimulation.

    it worked very well. i have a feeling that for me, this region may be more directly orgasmic than nips/breasts, at least at this point.

    i started by lightly stroking the region near my navel. by exploring around i found some symmetric spots that seemed to "go right to my genitals." i continued stimulating them till i started ramping towards orgasm. my penis became extremely hard and started pulsing. the first orgasm was very much like an ejaculatory orgasm, but no cum. of course, it put my in the O-zone, having continuous orgasms. it was very sweet and powerful, with each O being much like a regular cumming O.

    to keep it going i switched to a vibratory stroke in my pubic region. this too was very effective.

    the only trick i used was to keep the blankets from touching my penis (i was in bed), i put a pillow on my thighs. this was important to keep the orgasms purely non-penis.

    in sum, the experience was very much like being able to jerk off repeatedly, with each orgasm being stronger than a usual jerk off orgasm, and in the end the orgasms running into each other in that squirming way.

    thanks, weurstchen, for the idea.

  • Darwin, I am flattered that I can teach you something. First breast orgasm, now stomach orgasm! Your own experiment inspires me to investigate this further. I have done it only once, as an experiment to see whether the the erogenizing of the breasts generated by nipple orgasm also extended to other, supposedly non-erogenous parts of the body.

    But a few days later I tried rubbing my stomach before doing anything else, and I did feel prostate sensation from it. Indeed, it may have been at least as strong as the prostate stimulation from my breasts (as opposed to my nipples).

    I will give this a try and report back, if there is anything to report.
  • BigEBigE
    Posts: 45
    If you're interested in stomach/belly work, I highly recommend Unwinding the Belly. They have a website I bought the book and have incorporated this self massage routine into my everyday life with great results. I don't necessarily get orgasmic responses with the self-massage, but it does prepare my body for orgasms later. Hope that made some sense. When all the knots and blockages are worked out you can relax into whatever sexual stimulation is being applied.
  • I wasn't able to achieve an orgasm through belly stimulation alone. I had a nipple orgasm and then began rubbing my belly, and as with the breast orgasm, I had two wonderful further orgasms. It was very similar to the triple play--the nipple orgasm immediately followed by two breast orgasms, except that it took me a little longer to reach the third peak.
  • When you guys talk of breast or stomach orgasms, are you referring to the epicentre of your orgasms, or are your orgasms more or less localised in those regions?

    I ask because my orgasms are by and large whole-body or whole-being experiences, but I would say the epicentre is always in my genital region from where the waves propagate in all directions from deep down inside. Pleasure is not uniformly distributed through the rest of my body, but rather I seem to have several antinodes in various places depending on how I'm stimulating myself.

    Sometimes these orgasms are too much to endure, so I would like to give myself a break and enjoy some lighter localized orgasms for a change, but it seems that wherever I apply stimulation, the pleasure is most intense in my penis and flows in all directions from there.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,313
    hey GT-

    for me, the stomach orgasms were actually prostate/penis/rectum orgasms induced by stomach stimulation.

    the breast orgasm was full-body, but focused primarily on the breasts and secondarily on the penis.

    with nipple orgasms, i have had them both ways: focused on the nipples/breasts, it feels like a big welling up in that area; or prostate like the others.

    if i were to try to have localized orgasms, it would try the nips. that said, wuerstchen reports that he can "control his prostate from his nipples" so i don't think he would consider them a good candidate for local.

    meanwhile, just want to thank you, GT, for reminding us about the power of moving the orgasm around by stroking your body. i used it tonight, bringing the prostate orgasms up my torso with feather-lite strokes upwards.

    i felt like i was beginning to approach the experience that you and binaryfellow report.

  • Many thanks Darwin for your explanation.

    Lightly stroking my nipples increases pleasure intensity everywhere as well as being extremely pleasurable in my nipples. I need to experiment some more on different parts once I'm aroused and see what happens ...

    Glad to know you are enjoying yourself so much.

  • The stomach orgasm is a new thing, and I need to pay more attention to what is going on. As for nipple orgasms, these are what I call "three-point plays," because there are intense erotic sensations both in the nipples and in the genital region (penis and prostate). Certainly the orgasm itself is centered in the penis and prostate but there is also a peak of sensation in the nipples. In breast orgasms I agree that it is a whole body orgasm, but my breasts seem to experience an evolution of sensation much like my nipples or penis. It is as if the breasts themselves were having an orgasm.

    Darwin is right, I can and do control my prostate from my nipples. I can push just hard enough for a mini-orgasm without ejaculation, then I pull back and, after a minute or so, start again.
  • Thanks Wuerstchen for your input too, most interesting.

    Darwin, you amaze me - going on the internet at night after your orgasms!
  • Darwin, you amaze me - going on the internet at night after your orgasms!

    What a concept! The post-orgasmic-post! I have made a lot of these over the years, eagerly reporting my findings, celebrating my multiple nipple and breast orgasms!