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black stuff in ejaculate??? Aneros benefits
  • Ok, I have researched the idea of prostate massage for over a year and a half seriously.

    As a sufferer of prostatitis for over almost 2 years I am looking for anything to help me, even though it is much better then it was when it started.

    I can not use the aneros now because my prostate is still too sensitive and I am goning to try again in a few months.

    I was wondering if any of you guys here have ever experienced seeeing anything unusual in your ejaculate after using the aneros? I have heard all kinds of stories of people finding black particles in their semen after using one of these devices.

    Some accounts and entities claim that prostate massage is able to open up blocked acini and clear out any old junk in the prostate. Do any of you know if there is any truth to this??