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this is CRAZY (super O in foot w/out aneros??) HELP PLEASE
  • ok I am posting this right now before even going to bed after tonight's session, because I don't know what to do and it's freaking me out.

    Basically I'm laying here, my left foot's twitching like my prostate should and I'm getting waves of orgasmic bliss. I already removed the aneros, and it's still happening. If I had of read this 2 months ago, I would have thought it was a joke. But, I am dead serious. HELP

    Basically, during the session, my foot started twitching and the muscles controlling the aneros stopped. This weirded me out because my foot movements felt a LOT like the aneros did. And, at first I thought it was distracting, so I manually held my foot still and the contractions moved back to the aneros.

    After having a few O's I the twitching would keep returning to my foot, and again, I would move it back. Finally I thought I'd explore this foot twitching, and I noticed it felt pleasurable too... well my foot ended up moving with what felt like the sneeze contraction that triggers orgasm... and BAM super O bliss.

    I removed the aneros and my foot continues to twitch, and I continue to get Os. It is even as I type this. this is insanity! It is my left foot! PLEASE PLEASE IF ANYONE HAS HAD THIS HAPPEN, HELP! If I learn to control this it could be the best thing ever, but as it is I am seriously freaked out. I don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight, or do my normal activities tomorrow.

    *edit* ok, I am not as worried now as the twitching seems to be under control. I can start and stop it at will, and even focus it into other foot. I have not had any more anerosless orgasms either, but I think if I focused I could turn this twitching into one again. I'll post more updates later. This is incredibly weird.
  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    Hey Binary,

    just wanted to let you know I have also experienced the "foot twitch" phenomena. Not to worry. It does go away and is nothing to be concerned about.

    If you have any chamomile or better yet, valerian (assuming you're not on any medications) tea in the house, it should help relax your nervous system (and your foot) and enable you to get some sleep. If not, just enjoy a glass of wine, a hot bath or whatever helps you relax, and roll with it!

    I don't know exactly what causes the twitching. I know it's common among people who practice Tantra and Kundalini exercises, and is considered nothing more than energy being expressed or re-channeled through the body in new ways.

    Personally, I first experienced the foot twitch while learning how to "click forward," several years ago ( Like you, I found that the twitching is connected to my orgasmic response, and happens regardless of physical stimulation. Except in my case, it's my right foot, not my left. I happen to be left handed though, perhaps there's a connection there...?

    For about 3 years, the twitching would occur every time I was feeling orgasmic, whether it was by amygdala clicking, aneros, etc. But over time, it subsided and now, I only experience it once in awhile. My sense has been that my nervous system just needed time to adjust to the changes in my orgasmic response, and the twitching has been a sign of that progression.

    I've talked to a few other guys who also get "the twitch." They're all right-handed, and get the left foot twitch. They all practice Amygdala Clicking as well as KSMO, and other MMO techniques, and they all associate it with their orgasmic response. As far as I know, we've all been just fine since it started with no discomfort or side-effects to report. In fact, my wife and I think it's hilarious whenever she "gets my leg going" during sex. So to my knowledge, the only side-effect of the foot twitch is spontaneous laughter.

    Rest assured Binary, you'll be just fine. And if anything, I think congratulations are in order.

    Enjoy your little "adjustment," and please do keep us posted!

  • Pan, thank you so much for your very hasty reply. You are the person I wanted to hear from. It really comforts me to know that someone else has had this happen.

    Actually, I don't drink wine, and I don't have any of those other things in the house... but it's quite alright, I don't think I want to relax this feeling right now as I am a little more curious than I am scared. I want to understand it. As I was dozing off to sleep, the twitching would move to random parts of my body and it would be single muscle twitches -- mostly in my arms and legs. I do not have control over individual muscles like this, so I there's no way I could even fake these movements.

    I slept for about an hour and was jarred awoke by more of these vibrations in other places. I don't think I'll be sleeping much tonight -- but I'm alright with it. It's all part of the adventure.

    I think something neurological is happening. It is like whatever involuntary reflex that causes orgasm and build up is wiring itself all over my motor cortex. At least that is my theory -- I have no idea honestly.

    I am somewhat excited, because these twitches feel pleasurable, and it truly would be unbelievable if I could call them at will, and even orgasm from them. -- but I'm not getting my hopes up too much yet, as of now I have very limited control over anything, although I do seem to somewhat be able to direct them.

    Anyway, I'm going to head back to bed, I'll keep everyone posted on what happens.
  • F0rnF0rn
    Posts: 16
    Just wanted to chime in and say that I have had the "foot twitch" as well. I am left handed and experience it in my right foot. The build up (aneros in) feels like an extreme tightening in my foot and then twitching/spasms begin, causing the orgasmic response.

  • ok, posting an update here the next night on this strange phenomenon.

    The twitching continued all throughout the day manifesting itself in all sorts of places. It seems to want to stay in my left foot, and it feels natural there. (I am right handed fyi) If I actively try to stop it there it will sometimes flare up in some other random place. And sometimes it will continue to flare up in more random places as I stop it in others. It gets to the point that it becomes like an old cartoon I saw where a plumber stops a leak only to have more leaks appear, and the more he patches, the more random places they start appearing. When this energy wants to manifest itself -- I've found no way to keep it completely covered.

    What I have found to be somewhat more successful at times, is trying to refocus it into my pc/anal muscles where it was originally when it was the twitching that drove the aneros last night. It sometimes seems to fade away if I keep it there. At the very least, it is much less noticeable and distracting there.

    Another odd thing I've had happen, is I'll have dull aches appear in random places in my body. These aches feel exactly like the very slight pressure pain I would sometimes (but not always) experience in my prostate when I knew I had positioned the P-tab properly. Only they are appearing at totally random places, sometimes my arm, sometimes my hand, once even in my ear where it felt exactly like an ear ache. These only last 20-30 seconds at most then disappear never to return there again (They've never appeared on the same spot twice, at least not yet). I wonder what this is, as it feels like a pressure which kind of reminds me of trapped energy. These aches are never anywhere in proximity to the twitches, although I do seem to have both at around the same time. Pan, or anyone who knows a bit about kundalini, can you please tell me if this is something to worry about?

    Another thing Pan, I read a little about amygdala clicking a few weeks ago from some links in your old posts, and I even tried following instructions for it. Nothing at all seemed to happen, so I don't think I was doing it right. Anyway, a couple of times today, this twitching energy appeared right inside my head, where it literally felt like something was moving and it felt pleasurable. I am not sure, but it seemed to be amygdala related -- very very weird.

    Oh yeah, finally, with some mental focus, I was able to turn the foot spasms into an orgasm twice today. Once this morning, and once this evening. Basically, if I do some mental focusing, the feedback from the foot twitches starts to feel almost _exactly_ like the aneros would feel moving on my prostate. If I continue to do mental focusing, and imagine the pleasure getting greater (just like I would do with the aneros), my foot and all of my toes start spasming up to the point that I feel that familiar euphoria of an orgasm. It hasn't been super intense, but both times it put me into an orgasmic daze that hung there for a minute. Getting this has been hit and miss though, as I tried several more times unsuccessfully.

    Pan, I do really appreciate your encouragement, it does mean a lot. However, I am still not sure whether I should be really scared or really happy. While the thought of having more O's this way is very exciting, I did some searching on kundalani awakenings, and I think this may be happening to me here, and that kind of scares me as I do not know where it will lead. I do not plan on using the aneros again for several more days as I want to adjust to this. I do however plan on exploring this twitching more. I really want to understand and control it, and better yet, I really want more O's from it. Somehow, I think this could be the key to orgasms on demand anywhere in the body.

    This stuff is just all so weird and crazy -- I never thought my journey would lead into something so bizarre. If I had of read this stuff a few months ago, I would have probably laughed at it and called it a joke. But here I am, the one experiencing this stuff first hand and writing about it. Probably the weirdest part of all is seeing my toes flapping and getting off from it. (fyi, I do not have a foot fetish, and I have never ever even thought of my feet as anything to get off from)

    I'll post more updates right here as I have more to report. I plan on having an anerosless foot twitching session tonight.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    bf, hang in there. taking a couple of days off sounds like a good idea.

    this will all settle down.

    sanity first, pleasure second.

    meanwhile, we're with you.
  • OK. I have experienced the same thing.

    From a medical persepective. The anal area is made up of a network of nerves called the sacral plexus. The S3/4 nerves stimulate the anus as well as other nerve bundles. The S1/2 nerves innervate the foot. specifically the lateral side of each foot as well as the posterior calf, thigh and sole of the foot. So, because these nerve roots are in close proximity, there is a definite possibility of "cross-talk".

    I wouldn't worry about it. I actually found it to be pleasurable.

    M. :D
  • Just so you guys know, I think I have this under control. I think I totally overreacted to it. I was just a bit weirded out. I have not been having weird twitches at all anymore unless I want to have them, and sometimes I do as they can feel pleasurable.

    Actually this foot twitching effect has been somewhat nice. Despite saying I would wait several days, I felt the itch to have a session last night with my progasm. And, I gave in.

    Nothing was really happening until I finally managed to get my sweet spot engorged and find the proper position... At this point It became one of the most intense sessions ever. I could not believe what I was feeling. The waves of orgasm got stronger and stronger, and finally one wave did not subside... and it turned into a continuous nonstop orgasm that lasted nearly an hour (it did subside after 35 minutes, but came back a few minutes later -- and lasted another 30 minutes). I just laid there not believing how good it felt and not wanting it to stop.

    At one point during this nonstop orgasm, I got the foot twitching orgasms. Yes you heard right, I had an orgasm within another nonstop one. It was incredibly good. So yes, these foot twitches are not only under control, they are doing unbelievable things.

    I want to thank everyone here for letting me know right away that I am not the only one to have experienced this weirdness, (the forum search did not seem to turn up anything related) and for being really supportive.