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First time, and impressed.
  • LhosLhos
    Posts: 1
    I had wanted to buy one of these maybe a year ago, and decided against it because of the price. I found an MGX for $40, and decided to take the plunge.

    No, nothing incredible yet, but let me put it this way - the first time I laid down with it, it took 20 seconds for me to notice an obvious, spreading sense of warmth, my breathing to pick up and move to my mouth, and the insides of my thighs to tingle quite a bit.

    If this is any sign of things to come, I must say I'm quite impressed. I think I keep paying -too- much attention to what's going on, though, as just as sensations mount, I notice what's going on and stop relaxing as much. Hopefully I'll get that down soon enough.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi Lhos!

    Welcome aboard the "O" train!

    It sounds like you have the right mind-set and attitude for success!

    Just relax, breathe and observe even the tiny, good feelings!

    You are on the correct path . . . just keep on doing what you are currently doing and have patience and you shall succeed!

    Later, Hlaser