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aneros packaging
  • I just got the aneros mgx and I am a little concerned about the packaging of it. Is it just mine or are all the aneros mgx not actually sealed in a package? The only thing closing the plastic package are two cube shape indented spots at the top, which can be opened and closed back to its original condition. I would feel much better if the product came in a package that once opened, it is easily noticeable.
  • That's the packaging my Helix came in and I like how easy to open it is..I actually use the package to store it in when not in use. I don't really think it's an issue..just wash it well, maybe use some isopropyl alcohol. I mean it's a physical piece of plastic with no moving parts, not some liquid you're going to injest..

  • well i am a little ocd about cleanliness, especially for something like this. so i used 90% isopropyl, h2o2, bleached it and boiled it. everything should be more than dead :)