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Energy vs. "Horniness"
  • LincolnLincoln
    Posts: 26
    Darwin's thread on Prostate health and ejaculation frequency is the inspiration that caused me to start this thread.

    A line in his post really struck a chord for me. He said:

    i do not find persuasive the idea that ejaculating drains us of nutrients, particularly protein. (from some web surfing it seems that semen contains about .25 grams of protein.) further, while i agree that avoiding ejaculation may keep us horny, i do not believe it gives us energy in any useful sense.

    I have tried to do as has been suggested by Grandtiger and others - simply don't ejaculate. Substitute this alternative and intense orgasm for the traditional one and energy will abound.

    What I have found is that I cannot concentrate on anything else. The sensations don't stop. I continually hum and bounce off the walls. I find the same to be true for edging. Somehow I need an endpoint to the ecstasy.

    Especially now with the Progasm - following some quality time with that unit, the tingle will not go away till I have ejaculated twice! I have found that I can cum in about 90 seconds, and in ten to fifteen minutes - cum about 90 seconds.

    Only after that can I concentrate meaningfully on something else.

    The only thing I believe has happened is that doing things this way has driven up the "addiction quotient".

    That is my experience. Wonder if I'm the only one who finds this to be the case?
  • marmotmarmot
    Posts: 80

    Perhaps we're wired this way for species survival. You seem to have taken the best course: If you can't fight or flee, then flow. :wink:
  • Well, yah, i get similar feelings. Have always avoided ejaculation. Somtimes i give in. If you can do, its worth it. Abstain that is. What i do is practice yoga and meditate a bit, that usually takes the largest part of it away. If you can get past the feeling, life has a little more glow to it. Much more mental energy, its just a little more difficult to stay focused, but that is just a matter of practice. Plus, you get these orgasmic waves, just thinking about a session gives spine tingling results. Avoid looking at porn too, its a super trigger for me.

    The spot where the tab is supposed to rest is a well known centre, chakra even. If you sit in full lotus or really any sort of seated position where there is some pressure on that spot, you can get the same experience as the aneros, without the aneros. Esp more sensitive after aneros session without ejaculation. I sit in full lotus with a rolled up towel putting slight (more pressure is not necessarily better) pressure on that area. Been playing with this for a while now. Again, worth the effort.
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    I know men who follow Mantak Chia like to push the energy up. But I am pretty sure that if a man is with a woman with an active heart chakra, that if the man gives his energy to the woman by ejaculating inside her, she can then bring the energy up to her heart chakra and ejaculate it back into the man, returning his energy.