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B. Mayfield mentioned (3.11.07) new model after progasm
  • ScorchScorch
    Posts: 35
    This is my third attempt to try and find out what the status is of the latest model (after progasm) that B. Mayfield mentioned over 7 months ago.

    See subjects: "Progasm - Size matters - New model"
    And "New model waiting in the wings?" where, on 9.19.07, I wrote:

    Back on March 11th, 2007 B. Mayfield wrote (In reply to previous subject: "Progasm - Size matters - New model")-

    I am aware of a unit that is waiting in the wings that has a lot of what you're looking for. It incorporates many of the features seen in the Progasm in smaller package. I suspect that it will be released in the next several months. The call had been out there for some time for the manufacturer to produce something larger, more aggressive and yet more responsive than the Maximus, ...which is why the Progasm came first. But keep on the lookout for this new one, I think you'll be quite pleased with it as well.

    And I am still patiently waiting and still using my modified maximus allot more than the progasm because it's more my size.

    Can you please provide an update regarding what is "waiting in the wings"?

    I sure would LOVE to see a smaller, and/or smoother version, of the progasm.

    And, for reference, here is a link to a picture of the two modified models I use.

    I modified the Progasm but rather than completely remove the K tab; I simply made it less active. And I modified the Maximus to actually have a K tab.


    Another month has now passed and I am still patiently awaiting and update on this new, smaller progasm style model.

    Does anybody have any information on this?

    Please reply.

    Thank you.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087

    I do recall your post on this, and I had thought that I'd answered it. Perhaps I got confused with some of the emails that I received on the same subject. If that's been the case, I do apologize.

    In so far as the Progasm-lite (as I call it) is concerned, I spoke with HIH three weeks ago and confirmed that it is still in the wings at this point. Basically, the enormous customer response on the Progasm has demanded most of their time. (Actually there are several products that have been delayed as a result). As you may know they also introduced colored models through a select group of retailers some months ago. Hopefully those should be coming on line here after the first of the year.

    I'm sorry to say that this smaller model that I had spoken of will not be introduced this year.

    Just to give you a bit of background, over the last several years I had been having discussions with HIH about developing a larger and more aggressive unit. I had made no secret of my disappointment with the Maximus, here in the forum and to them directly. Along the way there had been some concerns about doing this based on the complexity of creating a unit that was larger, yet remained responsive (mobile). Late last year they sent me three models to evaluate, two larger units (one of which was the Progasm) and a smaller unit, roughly the size of the Helix. I reviewed ALL of them very favorably. At that time I was given every indication that the smaller unit would be the one that would be brought to the market first. And so on that basis I posted on it in the forum. Ultimately however, I think they became convinced of the necessity to bring out something that really addressed a clearly defined need out there. The fact is that the gay market had been clamouring for something larger and there were many straight men as well who seemed to require more stimulation than they were receiving from the smaller models. The rest as they say.... is history.

    One thing that I've gotten out of my interaction with these people over the years is that they are dedicated to innovation. They are intent on providing a series of products that will eventually meet the needs of all users. With the introduction of their first generation devices many years ago, they had hoped to provide a one-size-fits-all product. It became obvious within a short period of time, that anatomical variation and personal preferences would make that impossible. To their credit they've really stepped up to the challenge. Albeit not as quickly as we would all like in some instances...but still their commitment is there.

    As I've said many times in the past, this isn't your typical operation with some guys (who normally make dils and butt plugs) churning out drawings by the dozens that they send to China for production. All of the Aneros/ProState Massagers have been designed by hand by a medical doctor...a urologist to be precise, and are manufacturered domestically. Although it's easy to think of this as just another adult toy , know that as a company, they perceive it in a different way. As a result you have products that have been designed with form and function in mind, and that above all, are safe to use.

    Again, there is no release date for this product yet, once there is, and it is a firm assured that I will post on it here.

    Hang in there!

    BF Mayfield

    p.s. I like what you did with the handle on your Maximus. What did you use to form that? A cylinder of some sort? I assume this allows you to lie on your back more easily while using the device?
  • ScorchScorch
    Posts: 35

    BF Mayfield

    p.s. I like what you did with the handle on your Maximus. What did you use to form that? A cylinder of some sort? I assume this allows you to lie on your back more easily while using the device?

    I used a Bunsen burner.

    There was very little forming so to speak. It is simply the 'handle' brought to a melting point then moved backwards to create a 'K' tab.

    I still love the maximus but want one with ball ends like the Progasm. And I even still use my MGX allot but, again, want one with ball ends!

    And yes, my modification does allow for better movement while on my back or even sitting. Plus, of course, provides nice stimulation of the 'K' area.

    I can't remember what the 'K' stands for with regards to that acupressure point. But do know that I definitely like the stimulation of both the P & K.

    I used to make my own device which was simply a T shaped butt plug made from 1/2" acrylic dowel rod and 1" and 3/4" acrylic balls.

    There were different models. Some had all the same sized balls, others had different combinations and even one that was just a straight rod with balls instead of a T.

    But, of course, without knowledge to properly shape them towards the prostate and perineum; they were never more than just a very comfortable butt plug that could be used for many hours and only provide some prostate stimulation.

    Upon the discovery of the Aneros device; I gave up on those designs.

    In regards to comments about the fact that one size does NOT fit all:

    I think that the MGX, Maximus, Progasm and Maybe the helix should remain current models but should be 'upgraded' to incorporate ball ends and they all should have a very smooth finish.

    I also believe there should be an electro model that can be used in conjunction with devices such as my sextek ET-312.

    I am considering another modification which would involve drilling a passage all the way through a progasm in order to pass a wire through the base to a smooth electrode mounted in the head facing the prostate.

    Electro prostate stimulator's already exist but not in the configuration a mechanical feedback device like these Aneros products.

    I believe such a device would have allot of 'potential'...