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Sticky: The Path to my First Super-O
  • marmotmarmot
    Posts: 80
    Yesterday I had my first Super-O, and I’d like to share with members, especially newbie’s, my path to this milestone.

    It began naively enough about a month ago when I searched the Internet for some kind of alternative treatment for symptoms of an enlarged prostate. I found numerous references to prostate massage and eventually found the HIH site, where I ordered the Pro-State, the Aneros equivalent of the Helix. It arrived a few days later; I read the directions carefully; did a cleansing enema; lubed it with Astroglide; and inserted it. I laid on my left side with the lower leg straight and the upper one by my chest and did some abdominal breathing. At first I just felt something cold in my rectum. Then after about three minutes – Oh my God! It pushed up against the G-spot on my prostate, and it felt so good! I had no idea a medical treatment could be so pleasurable! The directions had been quite detailed and had mentioned something about sensuous feelings and orgasms, but they mostly emphasized what one needed to do to get the prostate massaged for health purposes. So I experimented with pulling it in with my levator ani muscles and was immediately rewarded with a copious flow of pre-cum. The first session lasted about 2 hours and was very enjoyable as I experimented with various ways I could make it feel good.

    Intrigued by this new discovery, I did a little more Internet searching and found the Aneros site. The next days were spent either reading extensively form the posts or with long “therapeutic” sessions with the Helix. The regular users of this site are wonderful teachers. I am especially grateful to BF Mayfield, Darwin, and Pan. Most users are articulate, insightful, honest, and comfortable with their bodies. I almost feel as if I have joined a brotherhood.

    Over the next couple weeks I concentrated on learning to use my pelvic muscles. I regularly did Kegal excerises, and during the Aneros sessions learned to control individual muscles to give me ever increasing levels of pleasure. It reminds me of when I learned to move my various toes individually. Other members have talked about learning to isolate and use various facial muscles. With concentration and practice this can be done.

    I also realized that this is like a form of meditation, something I have practiced most of my life. I began each session with deep abdominal breathing, stilled my mind and simply became aware of and a part of my sensations. I started to let things happen on their own. I see it as learning to drive a car. It first one has to think about how to do everything, but later one doesn’t have to think about it at all. One simply knows where he wants to go, and it happens.

    At about the third week new things were happening. I found that when was just sitting without the Aneros, I could make use of most of the pelvic muscles in very pleasurable ways. Also, during the sessions I was getting a lot of involuntary sustained rhythmic pelvic muscle contractions. Along with this, I was having involuntary large muscle spasms, especially my abdominals, but also in my upper and lower extremities. Sometimes I would get a tingling vibration around my prostate similar to what I feel as an ejaculatory orgasm is about to happen, but it would fade as I became distracted by it and began hoping that it meant I was going to have an “O”. At this point I discovered that I didn’t have to do anything to control the Aneros. After inserting it, I simply would lie quietly, and in a few minutes it just took over with a myriad of ecstatic contractions. The car was driving itself!

    Then I remembered a point made by one of the members about keeping the mind on what is feeling good, especially when the pre-“O” feelings are happening. I took that a step further and decided not to be at all goal-oriented. Even if there were no such thing as “O’s”, this is a highly pleasurable activity. Why, I was doing it one to two hours virtually every day, not to have an “O” but because it felt so good. So I just allowed all my attention to be on the pleasure of the moment, and I found that those feelings would expand to become virtually my whole being.
    On the fourth week I watched some videos Darwin made of having “O’s” without the Aneros ( ). I realized that he was focusing not only on the pleasure from the muscle contractions but had become immersed in the orgasmic aura innate to that pleasure. So, without the Aneros, I envisioned the feeling in my pelvis I get before an ejaculatory orgasm, and I could generate a warm tingly vibration in my prostate. Simply by being with it, it would grow to a very pleasurable level. That was the final key that opened the Super-O.

    After cleaning and lubing (5cc Astroglide injected with an infant feeding syringe, and generous KY Jelly on the Helix), I laid on my left side, bottom leg straight, top knee by my chest, hugging a big pillow, and a warm quilt covering me. I did a few deep abdominal breaths. I put the Helix at my anal opening, and welcoming it as a good friend, it virtually reached out, grabbed it, and pulled it into position. After a few seconds, involuntary contractions began, and they felt so good. I just became one with them and enjoyed them as they moved rhythmically among the anal sphincter, levator ani, and bulbo-spongiosis muscles. Big muscle spasms, especially the lower abdominals began. I contracted the levator just a bit and held it, and that’s when the warm tingly vibration began around my prostate. I just kept the mild contraction, and the feeling grew until the sensation engulfed my entire body. It’s difficult to describe what happened next because I was in a euphoric, altered state of consciousness. I was vaguely aware that my ejaculatory muscles were contracting vigorously (but there was no semen), and I had a mild erection. First I was moaning, and then I was screaming. Although I was alone in the house, I was covering my face in the pillow, which I was hugging and writhing about upon. This must have lasted about 3 minutes, at which time I relaxed the levator and entered a quiet, peaceful zone, but after about 30 seconds I tightened it again slightly, and I was back flying. I had a total of four Super-O’s” before relaxing, exhaling a big breath and blissfully lying there in total silence, not even breathing for what seemed like a very long time. Needless to say, I felt great the rest of the day.

    This morning while sitting at the counter reading the newspaper (no Aneros), I began having involuntaries. I just let myself be immersed in them, and the next thing I knew I was having a Super-O.

    To all of you who have helped me discover this “Key”, a great big thank you! This month of discovery has given me many thoughts and insights which I hope to share in future posts. By the way, my prostate is much better. The stream is bigger, and I’ve gone from getting up 3 to 4 times a night to only once.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,321

    congratulations on your rapid progress and great insights! (and thanks for the acknowledgment).

    suggestion: how about posting this under either of the sticky threads "My First Super-O" or "My best super-O and how i got there."

    to do that, you can click on the Edit button above your post, copy the text you wrote and paste it into a new reply to one of those threads.

  • TipherethTiphereth
    Posts: 146
    Congratulations man!
    Amazing isn't it?