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a newbie question please answer
  • I just happened to be surfing the internet one day and came across this wonderful wonderful topic. I had also seen that non ejaculatory orgasms were possible,and that you could have multiples. I don't have an aneros, but I have a nexus glide. This is my second anal toy, the first being a prostate massager by dr. kaplan did not like that one, but that's another story. I just happened to be messing around this morning, I felt something, you know when you have to really really go to the bathroom, but that's the point I did go to the bathroom prior to that, and after it would subside.Now after about 2 minutes it would come back.When it would come back I felt myself ejaculating. Is this normal or was it probably urine Because after about 5 minutes it would come back and we would have the same effect. Don't get me wrong but it felt great either way. So my question boils down to are you supposed to ejaculate or is it all internal or was it just that I needed to get up and take a leak?
  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149

    "When it would come back I felt myself ejaculating. Is this normal or was it probably urine"

    Are you actually ejaculating? That is, is anything coming out?
  • yeah. it was like I urinated on myself. the first time felt like I had to pee really bad, but 5 more times later on in the session?
  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    If it had the consistency of urine, perhaps it was pre-cum? I know some people have had some heavy pre-cum flows before. Never had that experience myself, so no idea really. Course it could be urine, no clue :P
  • next time I do it I'll try to make sure that my bladder is empty, even though I thought it was this morning. it felt wonderful each time I released