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  • Hi there. I thought I should bring up this topic, and Im no expert in phycology, but I think everyone here would have a very interesting point of view on it. I think this because most of you that are here are breaking down the social barriers of what men are supposed to be hsexually without being loud about it.

    A main theme in these forums seems to be the concept of female orgasm vs. male orgasm (without much direct emphasis on it). There is, for some reason, a giant change in what matters in sex in our culture, and this web page/product is a double edged sword in this matter. On a large scale I am finding that the female orgasm has been put on a pedestal as almost the purpose of sex. It can be seen all over in conversation about how many times someone can make their girlfriend cum, it can be seen all over the internet (what I have observed to be a huge underground sexual revolution due to its anonymity). I also have personal experience which lead me to analyze and understand what is actually happening. I myself am rather well endowed and have the stamina/feel to get the job done with a girl. Time and time again, though, my partners always end up fulfilling the role that men are demonized
    for: rolling over and falling asleep before I'm satisfied. We have, largely, been forgotten in the sexual world. Our society has moved towards emphasizing the female role in sex as central instead of equal, and so this creates jealousy over what they can, if they choose, to hold over us. The amazing fantastic incomprehensible mind blowing close to God orgasm. Face it guys, when you get in bed with a girl there is no way your completely concentrated on being with her, so much as you are concentrated on giving her a "good" lay. It has become our responsibility to fulfill the womans "requirements" and for that same reason it is damn hard to fulfill the expectation. So much stress comes out of this that sex is no longer about a shared passionate experience, it is about the man giving and the girl enjoying. Many men boost their pride by satisfying girls on a mass scale, but I myself don't see the enjoyment in that. Instead of being part of the experience, I feel I am the instigator of a really good time for my partner. (while I am supposed to be satisfied with a pair of breasts to look at, since that seems to be our cultural mainstay of satisfying a mans needs.)

    Now Im not a frigid woman hater. Not in any way. Everyone I meet I assume only the best of, but this is a problem. I see women on these forums that have an amazingly balanced attitude towards sexuality which is comforting to see. I'm not gay, I'm not metro sexual, in fact I am a quintessential man. Yet why is it that the figure of my gender is not to be admired? Why is it that non straight interaction between girls is hot, and it isn't between men? The only answers to these questions is provided by our culture, not what actually is.

    The double edged sword I spoke of earlier is from these conflicts of male sexuality. We have to ask ourselves why we are exploring this side of ourselves. Clearly we all know there is more to us than just a penis you rub and get pleasure out of, but this seems to have to be a private endeavor as to not encroach on the set truths of who men are. If it is out of appreciation for who you are and because you are secure in who you are then I say more power to the cause. But if this exploration is out of jealousy of things you can't attain (i.e. female orgasm) then it is time to be proud of the sex that you are and change mind sets to the latter. We can feel things that women will never feel and women will feel things that we will never feel, so in the case of relativity, neither can actually experience anything better because neither can ever actually compare. That is why we should appreciate each other equally in all areas of sexuality and not try to prove ones own pleasure to be superior. Enjoy being a man. Enjoy the feeling of relaxation from ejaculation, enjoy the pleasures from this product and our other completely denied erogenous zones. Be content with what you have, cause that is more than enough.

    Well I hope this isn't to off base of a topic, but finding this product, this forum and watching this underground frustration has lead me to think about it quite a bit.
    I would like to hear anyone elses take on the matter, including females if they are around. After all this is just a formulated opinion.
  • O ya. and just to clarify I have a helix, so Im not passing any judgment or saying that I disagree with the exploration/new sexual experience.