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tantric "energy orgasms"
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335
    binaryfellow pointed us to the following site, in the "tortured by pleasure" thread:

    it is a tantric exercise they call the "energy orgasm" in which you combine a simple breathing technique, PC squeezes and pelvic thrusting.

    briefly: breath in through your nose and blow out through your mouth (like blowing out a candle), continuously. that is your "mantra" that keeps your mind clear so your body can pleasure itself. in the inhale thrust forward. on the exhale un-thrust and also squeeze your PC muscles. (the rhythmic PC squeezes is similar to my "kegel aerobics"). go to the site for more details, including tricks to bring the pleasure energy up into your torso.

    i tried it (aneros-less) and thought it was great.

    on my interpretation of it, the key is the squeeze on the back thrust, which is reverse of the usual. it gets you thrusting back hard. i didn't try the other way. i bet they are both good and give different effects.

    i did it standing up. be sure to bend your knees. makes the thrusting more sexy.

    i didn't do the fancy stuff with moving energy around. i just did the breathing , squeezing and thrusting. it gave me really cool leg wobbling standing-up orgasms, like cumming strongly multiple times standing up. the thrusting is very effective, and when things really get going, the thrusting commands a sexy jerky rhythm of its own.

    also, i suggest you find a comfortable way to brace yourself with your hands. makes the thrusting easier.

    great find binaryfellow!

    oh yeah, he also pointed us to another site which has a video of it. i didn't find that the video mapped to my experience of the technique. i was more about breathing/squeezing/thrusting than about hands, energy and vocalizing. but perhaps you'll be different.

    also, binaryfellow, in your quest to rediscover your dog paddling O's of your young days, i think the thrusting here may bear some relationship.

    i should also add that this method is great for a quickie. its attack is fast (unlike, for example, the extended male deer exercise). it can be used as a dry form of the ol' youthful quick whack into the bathroom sink.

  • Hey, I am glad I found something that you found so useful. I really only got to experiment with it once since owning the aneros. Maybe after I work through all the strange new sensations I am having and get settled down, I will try this again in way you described it standing up. (I also want to try the extended male deer exercise)

    I actually discovered this technique a couple of years ago in my many google searches of "orgasm without touch" I never got it to work at all back then however. I think it is also referred to as fire breathing.

    One question. Were you using the Aneros while doing this exercise? You never mention it.

  • Thanks Darwin and BinaryFellow for bringing this to our attention.

    I just read in the link you posted about how to bring the pleasure from the penis up to the crown of head. That is exactly what I experience with the EMD exercise. the most awesome whole body super O's just like Rumel describes in the "One question about the super O" thread, even to the top of my head. Except for me, the intensity is way off the scale of even my more intense ejaculatory orgasms of the past. And they just go on and on over and over again for hours on end, morning and evenings and any time of day and night, day after day, with no end in sight ...
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335

    One question. Were you using the Aneros while doing this exercise? You never mention it.

    i just edited it above to indicate that i was aneros-less.

    it might also be good w/ the aneros. dunno. worth trying.

    at this point now, i am basically 100% aneros-less as i avoid soreness that way. (i have pre-existing soreness issues)