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What did I experience ?
  • HelikzHelikz
    Posts: 30

    During my last 2 sessions I experienced some new feelings, and I would like to know where I am on my journey. Short description:

    I discovered a certain direction of pushing the aneros with my floor muscles so that it seemed to stimulate a new spot. When I do so, after e few slow but deep enough contractions the very top of my penis starts to thingly, as if and ant is running around at the top. This is very exiting feeling, so an erection starts to set in and I get these cold/warm waves trough my penis. however when I'm erect for let's say 10-20 sec and just continue to do these contractions, the erection goes away. (somehow I hope it would get me to some kind of climax, but don't seem to get there). When I relax a minute or 2 and start doing this contraction again, it happens again.

    secondly, after I had a few of these cycles I start to get these waves of shivery and slightly shake feeling over my hole body. somehow it resembles like when you have a cold shiver running trough your body, but when you're not cold at all. A chatter-less shiver if you will. this is pretty pleasant as well. It +/- sets in each time I release a contraction. Again, this effect goes away, and after some minutes of relaxation, comes back after some contractions. somehow, again, I'm craving for some kind of climax again, but unfortunately one that doesn't seem to happen.

    What am I to expect, or what am I experiencing here. It sure looks like a step forward. Involuntary contractions don't really seem to happen, very sometimes 1 "twitch" that I can feel up to the top of my penis.

    Thanks for your comments.
  • Hey, Helikz!

    This is the same experience I have had. The shivers come in waves for me.
    What frustrates me is that my sessions don't progress beyond this. So, most of the time, I just give up and call the session off after 30 or 45 minutes--I guess I'm a victim of the instant gratification culture :)

  • HelikzHelikz
    Posts: 30
    Hey flipflyer,

    indeed, I was going trough some last posts after my new thread, and what you descrive sounded pretty recognizable. let's hope we catch some opinions on this one.

    All the best
  • HelikzHelikz
    Posts: 30
    Anyone recognizing where I'm at ?

  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    I'm not sure if it is the same, but I've had a wave of something undescribable wash over me a couple times in my training. I'm not sure what it is, perhaps an endorphin rush, but it was an interesting experience.