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  • During my sessions I get this shivering sensation, my nipples get sensitive, have the urge to grind my hips and have the aneros deeper in me. It would last for about less than a minute.

    I also produce a small amount--though not a lot--of precum (I'm not the type that produces a lot of precum).

    Are these the mini-Os you talk about?

    Appreciate your thoughts.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi flipflyer!

    I feel this way, when the Aneros makes really good contact with my prostate and this also causes pre-cum for me!

    For me, this leads to involuntaries and then to mini-Os and if ALL is good . . . to Super-Os!

    Just relax and breathe and the rest will take-over from there!

    You are on the right path . . .

    Later, Hlaser