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first one and wow
  • i have had the MGX for approximately 3 weeks, and at first i guess due to my own anxiety, i wasnt having that much success. However yesterday, i started off by taking a nice hot shower, prepared everything that i would need, and then relaxed. I had tried using waterbased lubricant the first couple of weeks, and just didnt seem to get much out of each session, however i did, continue to have an open mind, and tried not to force anything. Yesterday, I tried it with KY jelly, i made sure to massage the region between my testicles and my butt nice and slow with just a little pressure before i actually slid it in, and it was almost like a total difference once it went in. I laid on my side, drew up my knees, and started my deep breathing and contractions. After about 10 minutes, i started feeling a tightness inside of me, which radiated into my lower abdomin, and i started getting involuntary contractions of my sphincter, and a nice tingling sensation against the Aneros. it was totally different from anything I have ever felt before. It was like i had no control over the way my insides were spasming, and i could feel my prostate, swelling and being pressed by the MGX. I have no idea of how long this lasted, but i couldnt stop these feelings, even thou i didnt want to. God it was like feelings that i havent felt in years. I had a continual flowing of fluid coming out of my penis, and it appeared thicker then regular precum, however i could have been the same but just more of it. This whole thing swept over me in like waves, and i didnt know exactly what to expect, but if this is it, GOD it is WONDERFUL. Even after I took the MGX out, i still had the sensation, and it felt like a constant thing for a good hour afterwards, not quite as strong, but everytime i contracted my sphincter, it sent spasms in side. Not sure if this is what it all means, or if this is just the start, but if this is the start, god am I happy, that there is more to come.
  • TripperTripper
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    You are clearly on your way.