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Not Easy: Trying this As a Partner
  • I am introducing my man to prostrate stimulation and I think he may be having more difficulty allowing himself to let go because I am there - he is not alone. On the other hand, I am reluctant to have him use it alone because - well - I want to see his reactions when he does let go. Color me selfish, I know . . .

    Has anyone ever tried simply inserting this device and not making it a "session?" I wonder if insertion and then actually moving on to talking or watching a movie or doing something relaxing will make him forget any expectations and let the feelings sneak up on him. Or is this just distracting?


  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    In answer to your question “Has anyone ever tried simply inserting this device and not making it a session?” – Yes, I have done it, it’s called the ‘do nothing’ technique. A number of Forum posters have reportedly used this technique to obtain the elusive super-O. While that has not occurred for me, the technique can be very pleasant when unexpected sensations sneak up on you. I believe that one needs to try a variety of techniques to become familiar with his body’s response mechanisms in order to optimize the combination which will lead to the super-O. The ‘do nothing’ passive approach is a technique worth trying, remember, all of this should be enjoyable fun. If you try to make it into some kind of formulaic procedure or ritual, it will degenerate into an unrewarding, frustrating exercise in futility.

    Just smile as you hand him his ‘Progasm’ and tell him that you are leaving for Dominatrix schooling for 3 hours, he’ll figure out what to do.

    Good Vibes to You !
  • Great idea, and very funny!

    This is fun. I will slow down.

    Thanks again, Rumel.

  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    I have one suggestion that might be interesting for him, not sure if it was mentioned in the other post.

    You were talking about a solo session for him to be relaxed and all that, perhaps you should drop from the dommie stuff and the two of you just massage each other? I mean he could do stuff that would get you where you want to go, while you just rub various sensitive spots on his body (nipples, abdomin, etc...) and see if you can work him into a frenzy with the Aneros inserted? I think it'd give him the relaxation that he might need. *shrug*

    Also, in my personal experience, it took about 3-4 sessions before I started to get sensitive toward my aneros, so perhaps a few sessions down the line, he'll have better results.

    Just some random thoughts, hope it all works out.
  • Thanks Ashlen for your tips. All have helped me greatly.

    I did drop the dommie stuff for the most part and I think I hit on something else. Embarrassment is normal in a couples situation, so I asked him to wear a pair of tight leather-like pants (with a codpiece in front, I know, I am falling helplessly into a bit of kink, but I wanted to watch those amazing changes to his body this thing causes) after we began. I hoped that by being covered, he would drop his guard a bit.

    He became immediately more relaxed, loved the feel and look of the leather, and we talked and laughed and relaxed until suddenly he started to feel it move - then he simply started to move around to enjoy the feelings. Nothing close to the orgasms I've read about from you gentlemen, but enough that he was obviously having some very different waves of sensation. I think the slightly added pressure of the leather caused him to try to push the aneros out, which started the whole process of the waves. I didn't ask, because I don't want to add performance anxiety to the mix.

    From the female perspective, it was great to watch him have those waves, great to be able to give him pleasure, and wow, there is no question that he got stimulated - to the point that I had to be fairly nimble on my feet to make him wait for a regular orgasm until he spent some time feeling these new feelings.

    In terms of couples use, if only some of your ladies knew! It takes a lot of the "deviant" implications out of the deal by knowing that this is a completely different kind of orgasm coming from a part of the body I couldn't hope to stimulate well. If I hadn't stumbled on this myself, and it were explained to me that way, I would equate it with stimulation of my G spot - not deviance. Then the aneros not only seems perfectly fine, it seems to me to be much less less freaky than some of those terrifying looking dildos women have in their bedside tables. :shock: And the bonus of having him be so aroused during intercourse was incredible.

    Thanks again guys.