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  • I recently purchased the Progasm. Previously, my only experience was with the Helix. The Helix is good, but I felt like it wasn't hitting all the right spots.

    I wasn't afraid of the size of the Progasm as I'm fairly experienced with anal play. But I still wasn't sure how it would fit.

    After lubrication, I inserted it and it went in with the greatest of ease. Even easeier than the Helix.

    The Progasm, in my opinion, is the absolute best. It gave me a much fuller feeling and seemed to apply wider and greater pressure on the prostate. The action felt great.

    I'm far away from my first super-O, but I've enjoyed the process and the sensations that I've had.

    My advise to those considering purching the Progasm - BUY IT!!!!! It's great.