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I am back with my experiences, a little bit disappointed
  • Hello everybody,

    Maybe some of you remember me, I used to post at the beginning of this year, when I got the aneros stimulator.
    I was telling you that in the third session, I had the first mini-O, or whatever it was. I felt like rotating with the bed, for about 2 mins, and every time I was contracting, the "rotation" speed would increase! It was awsome at that time.

    I continued to have sessions with the lovely stimulator. In most of the sessions, I was able to reach the same mini-o as explained above, but unfortunately no mini-O lasted more than 2-3 mins. No progress was made in about 6 monts since the first mini-O, maybe only the fact that the mini-Os appear now very quick (after 2-4 mins after insertion). Then I asked myself what can be wrong. I decided that maybe I don't pay enough attention to the rithmic, deep breathing, and I was right.

    Next session (this was in July 2007 I think) I was very relaxed and I was really breathing deeply, like I never did before. I reached the regular mini-O very quick. I continued to contract while having it, and suddenly I felt that the pleasure was increasing. The breathing was accelerated and finally I could hardly breath! The whole sensation was very pleasant, but I am sure it is not the real super-O you guys are talking about. Unfortunately this orgasm, lasted just a little bit more that my regular orgasms, let's say around 5 mins.
    However, I was extatic with this new experience, and I felt I was on the right way. But the next few sessions I came back to my regurlar mini-Os, without accelerated breathing and without the impossibility of breathing, which was disapointing.

    But last session was again a special one. After about 3 mins of contracting, the regular mini-O started, I felt like being in Heaven, as when you smoke Marihuana :). It lasted no more than 2 mins and I stopped, like usual. I was disappointed, but because I was "in the mood", I coninued to contract. After some time, another mini-O stroke! This time it was a little bit stronger, and it lasted 1-2 mins longer. Then the breathing started to accelerate again, like in July. After some more contractions I could barely breath! Again, like in July! I was experiencing something similar. Then I continued. I felt that I was leaving the bed, and start to elevate myself in the air, but my butt/anus felt like remaining in bed. I couldn't feel it anymore, and the abutment tab pressure was very fade on my perineum, but very very pleasurable! I think this was an anal orgasm. I felt like being myself a very tiny spot 100 meters above the Earth, but still in contact with my butt. Very strange feeling, but the best so far. After some minutes, no more that 10 mins, everything stopped. Amazingly, the muscles weren't tired, so I continued to contract, I until the end of the session, I had two more mini-Os, lasting 2-3 minutes each, like usual. However, over all, it was by far the best session so far.

    I am a little bit confused now. I made some progress, but I consider it too slow. Of course I am happy, and I am optimist for the future, but it seems that I do something wrong. My main concern is: why no orgasm lasts more than several minutes??? No matter how often I contract and how strong I contract during an orgasm, after a relatively short period of time it fades and finally stops. And if I am able to reach one mini-orgasm ( or more) every session, why am I not able to go further? Maybe I do something wrong. Maybe I don't use enough lubricant (I use about 4-6 cc for the rectum), maybe the position on my back is not good for me, but it is the most confortable. Maybe I simply need more patience, but it's disappointing to have 15-20 sessions of mini-Os, without clear progress.

    That's why I decided to post again o the forum. Maybe some suggestions will help me climb this mountain called "Super-O". I am sure I am able to reach it, but I might need to correct some aspects...

    Wait your reactions,