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Aneros Helix Tab twisting
  • Just got the Helix and got a question:

    Is it normal when contracting, it is twisting itself inside the rectum? thus the tab is no longer aligned to the middle between the testicles and the anus?

    Haven't had any success since the tab is verrry uncomfrotable!
  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    I've never had that happen with my Helix. Perhaps lube is getting on the tab, causing it to slip and slide? I use a piece of folder tissue because mine applies too much pressure, but in addition to comfort it sucks up any lube and keeps the tab in place, perhaps some tissue might help you? Course I suppose it could also be because the tab isn't putting much pressure on that area for you, allowing it to twist.
  • Make sure you are keeping your perineum as dry as possible so the tab of the helix will stay in contact with your p-spot. Keep a dry towel handy to wipe off any excess lube that gets onto your perineum after insertion. I had similar problems with my helix but found that if I keep my perineum dry it would stay in place. Keep things trimmed up hair decreases good contact. If your sore keep your sessions to a minimum amount of time until your body gets use to the aneros.